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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar (Bay Hotel) - "Egg-Xperience" Lunch Buffet

It was a weekend of feasting.  I was lucky to have won a pair of complimentary lunch buffet vouchers from Street 50 restaurant and bar (Bay Hotel) at an instagram contest and got to try out their special Easter "Egg-Xperience" menu.

62 Degree Celsius Soft-Boiled Egg in BRAND's Essence of Chicken

Scotch Egg

Combination of Chinese Cold Cuts 
- Jellyfish, Baby Octopus, Popiahs, Fried Quail Eggs and Shrimp Mayo.

Sambal Prawns with Quail Eggs

XO Fried Rice with Crabmeat/ 
Braised Tofu with Crab Meat

Hot-Cross Buns

Mango/ Green-Tea and Coconut Ice-cream
 Uncle William who gave us much educational information on quails and quail eggs.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc - Restaurant Week 2016

This was our first time booking a restaurant during the restaurant week.  By the time when I logged in, most of the very popular restaurants were already fully booked.  The lunch set for a 3-course set menu for most of the restaurants cost around $28++.  

I picked this restaurant, located at Boon Tat street that I had not heard before. I did a search on the Internet, the restaurant name is pronounced as "Fire Kitchen and Drink"!  That's interesting!  =)
We went on a Saturday, around 1.30pm during the restaurant week and the place was fully packed.  We were allocated to two high seats, next to the drink bar.  Tables were placed very closed to one another so we could actually hear the conversation of the two ladies seated next to us.  

I ordered their Grilled Orange Juice (Seasonal) - $5 and hubby ordered a glass of Steinlager ($11).  The grilled orange juice, tasted just like normal orange juice.
Both of us ordered the same starter - Baked Freshly-Shucked Oysters.  The other two options were prawns or grilled beetroot.
For the mains, I had the pork collar (top up $11++) and hubby had the T-bone steak (top up $12++).  I was very satisfied with my mains.  
The steak was accompanied with sambal sauce which hubby didn't like.  
Buttered Tapioca which came together as the side for the steak.
There were two choices for desserts and thus, we ordered both for each of us.

Overall, the restaurant serves great food and also comes with very good service.  Overall, we paid $112 for the meal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Burp Kitchen & Bar @ Bedok Reservoir (Openrice Food Tasting)

Burp Kitchen & Bar is a neighbourhood cafe situated just next to the Bedok reservoir.  It is housed under the void deck, at a very secluded area, definitely great for a night chill out with friends.

Salted Egg Tofu Fries ($8)

I am a great fan of tofu and I actually had quite high expectation for this dish.  It seems like an innovative dish that we had not tried before.  However, to my disappointment, I couldn't really taste the tofu as the fries were overwhelmed with the very salty salted egg sauce and the skin was rather dry and tough. Another option is that you can request for wasabi mayo sauce to go with the fries instead.  However, I do wonder whether tofu nuggets will make a better dish? 

Next we were served "Duo of Wings" (Burp Kitchen Wings - $10 and Salted Egg Wings - $14)
Burp Kitchen Wings, their house wings, were marinated with special adobo sauce, probably inspired by the Philippines cooking style and air-fry.  The sauce was flavoursome and I kind of like it.  It was tangy and sweet, a bit salty and also tasted a bit garlicky.  According to the female boss, Sarah, the sauce was made of apple cider, vinegar, soya sauce and garlic.  The chicken wings were tender.  However, the marinade did not go beyond the skin and the meat was bland.  If not, the wings would taste even better!  I overheard the gentleman sitting next to me, advising Sarah to try poking the wings with fork so that the meat can absorb the marinade.
The sauce was the same salted egg sauce used in the tofu fries.  Same issue as the above, the meat was bland.  In fact, I would much prefer the burp kitchen wings marinated with adobo sauce than salted egg sauce.  If I am not wrong, the salted egg wings cost $4 more.

"Duo of Burgers" (Crabby Patty - $18 & Burp's Beef - $16)

Crabby Patty - Battered softshell crab, lettuce, salted egg sauce (again!), curry leaves and chilli padi sandwiched between the squid ink buns.  Indeed, it is a very instagramable dish.  Probably we had too much of salted egg sauce that night.  As such, I still prefer having the crispy battered softshell crab on its own without the sauce.  It was also served with potato salad. 
Burp's Beef - At one glance, it looks like an ordinary burger but it tasted good.  This was one of my favourite dishes for the night.  The burger was made of brioche buns with beef patty, american cheese, caramelized onions, pea sprouts (aka "dou miao") and spicy mayo sauce.  The idea of using pea sprouts in burgers is uncommon but it definitely gave you the impression that you are having a healthier burger.  
I guess for every good dish, there is always room for improvements.  I found that the minced beef patty didn't really hold well.  As I cut through the burger, the patty sort of fell apart.

Chicken Quesadilla ($9)
Being a cheese lover, this tortilla wrap with slow-cooked shredded chicken and cheddar/ mozzarella cheese worked well for me.  Dip it with the homemade salsa sauce for a more refreshing taste.

Duo of Tacos (Pork Carnitas - S12 & Baja Fish - $12)

Pork Carnitas - Slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw and salsa fresco.  According to Sarah, the pork was slow-cooked for 8 hours!  Overall, the taste was sweet.  
Baja Fish - Battered Fish, Coleslaw, Salsa Fresco and Spicy Mayo.  This is probably the most value-for-money dish.  Big chunk of battered fish meat wrapped in soft taco skin.  I like this dish as well but was too full to savour it all.  =)
Thank you very much for to OpenRice Singapore and Burp Kitchen & Bar team for the food tasting invitation.  I will probably be back this Saturday with a few of my friends after the "Carnival Run" at Bedok reservoir   =)

Burp Kitchen & Bar
740 Bedok Reservoir Road