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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fish Mart Sakuraya

If you want to order sashimi here, first you can do your marketing at the "Fish Mart". Choose whatever fish/ seafood (nicely sealed, with clearly labelled price tag) you want from the chilled case and pass them to the chef and he will slice the fish and serve to you what you had ordered in a nice presented plate of sashimi. The sashimi here are very fresh. We ordered our favourite selections - salmon and swordfish. Besides the sashimi, we ordered tempura, potato salad, seafood miso soup, agadashi tofu, shishamo. Total cost around $50 for two.

By the way, we also saw Adrian Pang and Wang Xiang Pin at the restaurant. Many turned their attention to them and for a while, our order was delayed.. but not really an issue lah. The meal was overall quite satisfying. There is another branch at Parkway Parade too, maybe next time can go there and try.

The kitchen is those open-concept type and the dining place, is a bit small which is just beside the kitchen area. After you meal, you may want to shop at their mini-mart which sell a wide varieties of Jap tibits.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don - The Personal Pie Club @ Suntec [Closed]

Update:  Don - The Personal Pie Club at Suntec was closed.

Main Branch:
20 Cross Street, #01-34/35/36, China Square Central, Singapore 048422 - along China Street
Other than pies, they specialize in crab beehoon too!

1 May 2008 (Labour Day)

After watching movie "Iron Man" at EW Suntec, Francis and I decided to settle somewhere in Suntec for dinner. We walked around the Fountain of Wealth but couldn't decide which restaurants we should go to. Since we were not too hungry, I suggested going to the 1st level (where you can find donut factory, ShiLin Mee sua) to snack around.
We chanced upon "Don", saw some articles with its good reviews and even recommendation from "Makansutra" at their entrance so we decided to give it a try.

We were welcomed by the very friendly staffs and she said their black pepper chicken pies were very good, got big chunks of chicken. I ordered the shephard pie ($5.30) and Francis ordered the black pepper chicken pie. Actually the filling for both pies are the same, the only difference is that mine doesn't have the fluffy crust (Whoo... simply loved it, see photo) and is replaced by potato crust. The fillings of the pie is very generous - Big chunks of chicken, mushrooms, mixed vegetables, peppercorn and hard-boiled egg. I felt that Francis' pie tasted much better than my shephard pie although I am a very "potato person" :P I simply loved the strong peppery taste of the chicken.Their pies were all freshly baked from the oven.

While we were dining in, a couple walked in and wanted to order a big pie. The staff explained to them very politely and nicely that they had to wait for 1 hour for them to bake a new pie as they had sold out all the baked pies. The couple gladly agreed to wait.Franics loved the pie and he bought a big pie (around $18) to take away, for our family to try. Before we left Suntec, I didn't forget to buy half a dozen of donuts from Donut Factory for supper cos I am those type of person who will always go hungry at night easily :P