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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ @ East Coast Road

I took this photo about one month back after our meal at Saveur.  I was attracted by the interesting signboard which stretched above two storefronts with the two prominent little pink piggies at each end.  Along this stretch of road, we can find many specialty restaurants that will definitely whet your appetitie.  I was happy to come back just within a month to try out Mookata!
Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ - This is their trademark logo :)  So cute!  The restaurant is located along the same stretch of road where you can find Astons, 1928 Peranakan shop.  It is not easy to miss it.  If you are driving there, I would suggest that you go to Katong Village, just directly opposite to find your parking lot. 
I reached the restaurant at around 6pm on a weekday.  There was still no crowd yet as the heavy rain had just stopped.  Around 7pm, the crowd then started to come in. 
The whole place is rather spacious and most importantly, you don't feel too hot and stuffy after all the BBQ.
You can find a ceramic plate (with a metal plate on top to hold the hotpot) placed on every table to prevent overheating and damaging the table top.
Prior to this visit, I had not heard of the Mookata dining concept.  Its direct translation is "Pork Skillet".  Mookata is a combination of BBQ and asian hotpot altogether.  Normally, when we have our steamboat cum BBQ, the steamboat hotpot is at the core and we will grill our meats around the hotpot.  However, Mookata reverses the concept.  You will find a dome-shaped metal pan with a trough running around the edge for steamboat. 
Mookata at East Coast Road just celebrated their first year opening anniversary recently.
They serve 3 types of home-made chilli sauces of different degree of spiciness.  I find the one at the middle tasted a bit sweeter and the one at the far end the most spicy.  Oh well, you got to try them on your own and have fun experimenting with the different tastes.
Let's check up the menu!
We had a "Set for 2" which consisted of a plate of meat and another plate of veggies, egg and vermicelli (aka tung hoon).
The egg was nicely nested amongst the veggies....
This is one of the business partners of the restaurant, Mr Lee Bajin.  He brought in the hotpot and showed us how about cooking our meat.  A very sincere and attentive guy, we saw him making his rounds very often to ensure that the customers were happy with the food and service.
He poured a kettle of vegetable broth into the hotpot.
After that, he put a piece of lard on the top of the metal dome and rubbed it against the dome surface to prepare for the BBQ.
The lard will then melt and the oil will drip down from the dome to the broth, to add taste to it.
Table Setting
We started to place the meat on the metal dome.
If your stomach still have space for more good food after finishing up the set, you might want to try some of their premium a-la-carte selections. 
We had a plate of Wagyu Beef and...
Tom Yam Chicken (Thighs).  Make sure that you don't overcook the wagyu beef.  Normally, I like it medium well.  I love the tom yam chicken.  It was really well-marinated and tender.  Try eating the chicken meat on its own without adding the extra chilli sauce to taste the original tom-yam flavour.
A nice plate of flower clams which the other blogger, Joycelyn loves to eat.
We had fun stacking the meat on the dome and flipping them to ensure that they were well-cooked and not burnt.  The meat used here were all really fresh and of good quality.  Maybe you will find the pricing a bit high compared to other steamboat restaurants, but they are really worth the money that you are paying for.
All is cooked with charcoal instead of electric stove.
Spread of BBQ meat and steamboat.  The broth might get a bit salty at first and you can request to top up the steamboat with water instead of the veggie broth.
We were also being served with a plate of Kurobuta (Very thinly sliced high grade pork collar).
Hmm... Overall, the three of us had a very satisfying meal at Mookata.  Hope you all can come down and try the Mookata experience too!

Here is the address of Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ Restaurant.
Click the link for the location of the restaurant within map
Have fun "Pigging Out" at Mookata!

Thank you Mr Francis Tan from for organizing this wonderful makan session,
Mr Lee Bajin for hosting us, Joycelyn & Kenneth for the company.

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ
103/105 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797
Phone No:  6344 2985

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday:  1200hr to 2230hr
Tuesday:  1700 to 2230hr
(Closed on Tuesday during lunch)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Musical - The Lion King @ MBS & Cedele's Vegetarian Burger for dinner

A Sunday Breakfast at O'Coffee Club, Tampines One

Our friend asked us out for breakfast at O'Coffee Club on Sunday morning.
English Breakfast Tea for me...

I ordered Picnic Pancakes Set. ($10.20)
Hubby ordered the American Breakfast Set. ($10.50)  The sunny side-up was not quite nicely done though.
Our friend came only after we had almost finished our breakfast.  After that, he brought us to his new place which is currently under renovation at Pasir Ris.