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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Astons Specialities @ Changi Airport T3

We made a trip to Ramen Champion at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on New Year Eve at around 9pm as hubby was craving for the ramen from Ikkousha.  However, the staff told us that we could only order from Riki Ramen as the other 3 stalls had run out of their stock.  Disappointed, we took the skytrain to Terminal 1 to have our dinner at Astons Specialities.

At Terminal 3 - Kids having fun!
 Nice X'mas Decor with the prominent landmark of Changi Airport - the control tower.
 I ordered ribeye with pasta and onion rings.

 Hubby's New York Strip with baked potato and coslaw.

In short, you can get good steak at a very affordable price here.  I would love to revisit it again, maybe to try the infamous ieatSuperBurger.

Snowman at Terminal 1
After this very late dinner, we met up with a friend at the airport before going back home for count down!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coffee Stars by Dao @ Wisma

My friend, Sam and I had tea here after watching "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" at Lido IMAX theatre.

 I ordered the tomato spinach soup.  Nice presentation and it tasted good too.  The bread was soft.
 Sam ordered the seabass tom yam soup.
 We had this Thai rice crackers as our appetizer.
 Calamansi Drink
 Sam had her dinner here too.
We also ordered 2 types of cakes to share.
Coconut Pandan Roll
 Highly recommended!!
 Matcha Chocolate Crepe
 We saw their kitchen after we walked out of the restaurant.
 Christmas tree at Lido Cineplex.  MI 4, very action-packed and the show transported us from Moscow to Dubai to India.  Didn't regret watching it on IMAX.  Tom Cruise is reaching his 50 but his action stunts are amazing! Especially the part where he scaled the windows outside Burj Khalifa tower (Dubai), the tallest building in the world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ramen Champion @ Changi Airport T3

Hubby and I spent our Christmas Eve at Changi Airport, avoiding the crowd in city area.
We settled at the newly opened Ramen Champion.
I had tried Ikkousha at Illuma before and decided to try a different stall this time.
 Gantetsu Miso Ramen
I had not tried this type of ramen before, with corns and butter.  I didn't quite like it and didn't manage to finish off the soup.  I find the favour too strong for me. 
 Hubby ordred the Ikkousha Ramen and he liked it very much.
 Althogether, there are 4 ramen stalls here.
Between the 2 types of ramen, we both prefer the ramen from Ikkousha.

Go! Go! Curry! @ Parco Marina Bay

Go! Go! Curry! opened at Parco Marina and currently, they are running a 30% discount for all items!  Too good a deal to be missed!  I was actually attracted by its gorilla mascot first.  It gave me quite a scare as it suddenly appeared in front of me when I was shopping around in the mall.
I decided to buy something from Go! Go! Curry! back for dinner with hubby.
Bought "The Grand Slam" so that I could try out the different varieties - the chicken, the pork, the shrimps and sausages.  Only $12.50 after discount.
The portion was just right for both of us.  The chicken was tender and so if you like your meat to have a firmer texture, choose the pork katsu.
For take-away, they separated the curry from the rice.  The curry was almost black and although it looked sort of... unappetizing, it tasted good and went well with the rice.

The next time I would order a set of pork katsu curry for my own! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lunch at Adobo! and my New Pet (Marimo) from 112 Katong!!

Adobo is the name of a popular dish and cooking process in Philippine cuisine that involves meat or seafood marinated in a sauce of vinegar and garlic, browned in oil, and simmered in the marinade. 
[credit:  Wikipedia].  

We were here at Ali Baba Eating House as I would like to try their cripsy roasted pork again.  However, I was slightly disappointed when they were still preparing this dish and wouldn't be ready so soon.  Hubby asked for their recommendation and ordered the Filipino Sausages.
I had stewed pork instead.  The sambal really can kill!  I only dipped a bit to the meat and my whole tongue went numb immediately.  No joke!  The meat itself was quite sweet in taste.
Lumpia Shanghai (Fried Eggrolls) - $0.50 each
Total cost for our lunch here was only $9.  Pocket-friendly!
After lunch, we proceeded to 112 Katong, the newly opened mall which is just across the road.

Inside the mall with all the X'mas Decor.
Angelic Theme
Bought something from the mall.... MARIMO!!!!  I got super excited when I saw them for sale in Singapore.  I thought I could only get them in Japan.  Hubby must be wondering how these 2 little furry balls could get me so darn excited.  Haha....
Cute right? 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Multiply Potluck X'mas Gathering

This was my my first X'mas gathering with my Multiply friends.  We decided to have potluck and we really had a lot of food for the party!

Food Galore

Disappointing Sakae delivery.  All the sushi were sort of messed up to one side.