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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mini Durian Snowskin Mooncakes from 818 Durian Specialist

Think most of us have not heard of this brand of mooncake. My younger brother needs to help his school to raise funds by selling mooncakes. He asked me to support him so I bought 2 boxes from him at $32 each. For every box sold, $7 is donated to charities.

Fortunately, the durian mooncakes taste good. After all, they call themselves durian specialist =P The only complaint I have is that the mini mooncakes are really small.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby's Full Month Cupcakes

It is now quite a trend to order cupcakes with fanciful decoration on top for birthday celebration or any special occassions. Indeed, it makes us happy just looking at these cupcakes. Taste becomes secondary. Got back these 2 cupcakes from Lynn's baby full month celebration.
Do you normally eat the top frostings as well? For me, I will scrap them away. Such a waste isn't it? =P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Xiao Ba Wang @ Tampines 1

This is the spiciest bowl of Mee Suah that I ever had. Look at the chilli... look like the harmless chicken rice chilli that we normally have. But it is very very spicy as it has lots of tiny chilli seeds in it!! Anyway, this food kiosk is owed by TCS actor Jeff Wang.

I ordered Set 1 ($6.50) which consisted of a bowl of mee suah, a packet of crispy chicken, a tea egg and a cup of flower tea.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Teck Sing Restaurant @ JB

Made a day trip to Johor Bahru with hubby and my parents. We had a very late lunch at a Bak Kut Teh place and after that, we went Jusco to shop and buy some groceries. Dad wanted to try beggar chicken somewhere opposite Danga Bay, which was recommended in one of our local food variety shows. We managed to find the place. It doesn't really look at a restaurant, just like somebody's house. A young chap welcomed us and we told him we wanted to order the beggar chicken. He told us got 1 chicken. He then shouted into the house and asked whether got any more chicken. Haha... I found that very amusing. Then, he came back to us and told us no more chicken. After that, we asked whether got fish, got duck... he also replied no more!??!! Then another young lady walked out and explained to us as preparations will take a lot of time, we have to make orders for all the food 1 day in advance and she passed us their namecards. With disappointment, we told them we will come another time. Will review this again when we are back!! Anyway, I did a quick search on this place and found a review:
The preparation process is really pretty interesting. The next time we come back, I will check with them whether we can go earlier and check out how they prepare their stuff.

We drove out of the "restaurant" and I suggested going over to Danga Bay which was just opposite. We reached there but many restaurants were closed (Hari Raya Eve) and we sat down at an ikan bakar place. After looking through the menu, they only have fish and cockles to be grilled with sambal. Parents don't like spicy stuff and we headed back to Taman Tebrau area for dinner.

Hubby suggested Teck Sing Restaurant as this restaurant also served paper wrapped herbal chicken. The food was good and although the place was very very crowded, we didn't really need to wait very long for them. Total cost of the dinner was only RM 79 for a satisfying meal :)

Complimentary Slice of Watermelon

My Gingko Longan Drink

Paper Wrapped Herbal Chicken

Hotplate Otah

Mixed Vegetables

Drunken Prawns

Pork with Yam

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Modern Peking Duck @ Ion Orchard

This stall is likely to capture the attention of many as they place a big roasted pig at their stall! Not too sure why the stall is named "Modern"... probably because they introduce a new trend of eating peking duck? Usually we can only have this when dining in at the Chinese restaurant but now we can have it as a takeaway snack. They pre-packed the rolls of Peking Duck in boxes and you just pay and take.... almost no wait time when I was there around 1pm.

5 rolls of Peking Duck cost $6.

The duck meat is tender. Of course, when you eat Peking Duck, the skin is very important. It should be crispy with some fats I suppose? I find that the skin of the peking duck here is too thin and not crispy enough. Although the sauce is good but I hope for a thicker and crisper duck skin. Another disappointment is that it is not served with spring onion or cucumber that is commonly put together in the crepe to give it a more refreshing taste.

Taiyaki @ Ion Orchard

I bought the Italian Taiyaki ($2.60) and Japanese Premium Azuki Taiyaki ($2). The Italian one has 1 whole sauage inside with tuna, corn and tomato paste. I like this better but find that the pricing is a bit too expensive. I will still try out the other favours in near future since I will be patronizing Ion Orchard quite often. =P

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gindako @ Ion Orchard

The first time I dropped by Ion food basement, there was a very very long queue at Gindako so I didn't get to try this the other time. The second time I came, on a weekday afternoon, there was absolutely no queue at all. Without any hesitation, I bought 1 set for my lunch.

You can choose 6 or 10 takoyaki balls. Saw a man who was lunching alone, ordered the bigger set! I wonder how he can finish them?! After I finished the 4th one, I was already full!

6 takoyaki with Matcha float ($4.80)

Ingredient includes lots of spring onions, 1 small piece of octopus and also seaweed. Personally, I don't really fancy the favour of seaweed, but it is just a personal preference. =P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jurong Hilltop Restaurant

By the time we left Jurong Birdpark, it was already 3pm. We haven't had our lunch so I asked hubby to follow the signage that led to Jurong Hilltop Restaurant, which is a bit further up from the birdpark. Reached the carpark gantry, the parking fee is $3. We found our way to the restaurant which is at the basement of a swirling staircase. Reached the restaurant and we realized that we were the only customer!! Oops.. feel quite awkward. They served 3 types of cusines here and I requested for Japanese Teppanyaki.

On every table, you will find a folded orange apron and the staff will help you wear the apron once you are seated. =P

I ordered the garlic rice ($3.50) and venison set ($14).

The garlic rice tasted really really good! Really left me craving for more.

Hubby ordered the beef set.

The chef will divide our portion of venison and beef for us so each of us have a plate of venison and a plate of beef. The set also comes with a plate of beansprouts.
My suggestion for you is if you want to come and try out this restaurant, maybe you should come here for dinner. After dinner, you can have a very nice night view of Jurong/ Tuas area at the hilltop as well - Romantic?

2 Jurong Hill #B1-02
Singapore 628925

Bongo Burgers @ Jurong Bird Park

This week, there is a teachers' day promotion at the Singapore Zoo/ Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari, and teachers get to enjoy free admission to these 3 places of attraction. Accompanying adult get to enjoy 20% off. Thus, I decided to make use of this opportunity to revisit Jurong Bird Park and also to try bird photography with the new lens. I remember the last time when I visited JBP was during my primary school days!

We left home at around 9.30am. We had breakfast at Bongo Burgers but as we were still early, we could only order their breakfast set.. No burger. I ordered the Bongo Sausage Breakfast Set and Hubby ordered the Turkey Ham set.

Bongo Breakfast set ($6.90)