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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chuan Jiang Hao Zi Restaurant 川江号子火锅楼 @ West Coast Plaza

The Family wanted to go "Dian Xiao Er" for dinner but we realized that it had closed down its branch at West Coast Plaza only when we reached there.  We ended up trying a new Sichuan restaurant and their ala-carte dishes were quite tasty, with some spicy dishes. 

 This plate of prawns really made our tongue go numb.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tsuru-koshi Udon @ Takashimaya

Before going to East Ocean Teochew Restaurant for the longevity buns, hubby and I had our lunch at Tsuru-koshi Udon at Takashimaya Japanese food .

I ordered the same type of Kakiage Udon as the previous time, which was like a year ago?  But the price had increased since last visit.

 Mentaiko Cream Udon ($10)
Hubby didn't like the creamy taste.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Longevity Buns from East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

Sister-in-law ordered longevity buns from East Ocean Teochew Restaurant for my mother-in-law this year.  Last year, I ordered from D'Bun from Joo Chiat.  The restaurant was relocated to Takashimaya and we went to collect the longevity buns in the afternoon.

Since we were not having our dinner here, we had the longevity buns take-away.
Nice and creative packaging.
I took a peek before bringing it to the in-laws' place.
At my in-law's place

There was actually a surprise element in the big longevity bun.  Heehee....
More mini buns inside the big bun! 
My parents-in-law, posing for "cake"-cutting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fish & Co @ Tampines One

Happy that I manage to establish an exercise routine with my friend A every weekend.  We would go Amore for classes either on Saturday or Sunday :)

Last weekend, after our 2-hour classes, we had our lunch at Fish & Co at Tampines One.  Hubby joined us for lunch too.
 This is page 2 of the different types of fish and chips on the menu, so many varieties.  Didn't know that they also serve Japanese Fish & Chips eg.  Dip the fried fish in soba sauce?  Singapore Fish & Chips goes with chili crab paste... Errr.. don't think I would want to try this.
 Soup of the Day - Fish Chowder
 I ordered Danish Fish & Chips.  I like it because it was cripsy and cheesy!  A and hubby both ordered their signature New York Fish & Chips. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hearty lunch at Thai Express after workout at Amore (Tampines One)

Met up with an ex-colleague to go workout at Amore.  We attended pilates and followed by bellyblitz together with another 2 friends.  Our instructor for bellyblitz was actually a male!  We were quite shocked as he also wore the hipscarf used for bellydancing.  He was actually quite good as he was very patient and would slow down the steps so that we could all catch up with his dance routines.  It was great to catch-up with my friend and we got so much things to talk about.  We had a long lunch (almost 3 over hours) at Thai Express.

Complimentary starter
 Beef salad for sharing ($8.90)
 I ordered the shrimp fried rice.  ($9.90)
 My favourite mango sticky (glutinous) rice!  Served warm.  ($6.50)
Didn't take photos of what my colleagues ate.  All of us were famished after the 2 hours session of workout.

Any blog readers here also signed up with Amore package?  Which are the classes that you all like to attend?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines' Day!!!

<3 Happy Valentines' Day!!! <3
Mini cheesecakes that I baked in school kitchen :)  They were really yummy and quite easy to make.
The Ingredients:
The process:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bras Basah. Bugis Street Art Project 2012

The Bras Basah. Bugis Street Art Project 2012 is organized by the National Heritage Board's Bras Basah. Bugis Precint Development Unit in partnership with Bugis Junction.  2 artworks by 3D artist Joe hill were featured and they will be exhibited from 8 - 19 February 2012.

Artwork #1:  Scaling the Dome

Artwork #2:  All Aboard
There is a friendly staff at this artwork who helped us to take photo.  She also gave advices on where and how to stand and pose.
Remember to catch them by next weekend!

Check out Joe's work in other parts of the world HERE!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Changi City Point Mall - Ootoya, Eggs & Berries

Hubby and I visited Changi City Point Mall before Chinese New Year.  The mall is conveniently situated just opposite the Expo.  However, parking can be a problem if you are driving.  Of course, compared to the 3 shopping malls in Tampines that we frequent more, this one pales in comparison.  Although the mall has some outlets like Espirit, G2000, Crocs etc, the pull factor is still not strong enough to really attract us back.  Told hubby that the only reason that I will revisit this mall is "Ootoya". 

Coincidentally, my clique of friends were deciding on a venue for our gathering cum birthday celebration.  The Feb birthday gal decided "Ootoya".  Haha... So I was back at Changi City Point Mall for the second time last Saturday.

As I was early, I took a walk around the mall first before my friends arrived.
 Beautiful desserts.... Hope I can have all of them!!
We met up during the 14th day of the Lunar New Year and we could still see the CNY decoration in the mall.
Bird-cage theme
Interesting store name.  Will be good if the items inside are really "Payless".
The Feb bday gal ordered a healthy salad and soba.
Greedy me ordered a side dish - Potato croquette $4
 Before I confirmed my order, the staff reminded me that there was some minced meat in the croquette.
My main course (ala-carte) - Charcoal-grilled Chicken with Egg
 Shili ordered rice with clams, one of their signature dishes.
 Jan Bday gal's order of hamburger steak.

 After our meal at Ootoya, we went up to the top level to explore a bit.  There is a wet playground.

 Dessert Time!  We decided to settle at "Eggs & Berries" while waiting for our friend Joyce.
 Interesting egg-shaped light on every table.

 Lijuan's dessert
 Shili and I shared this waffle.  We topped it up with all the 3 types of syrup provided - chocolate, strawberry and maple.  After finishing almost half of the waffle, I realized that they had forgotten to sprinkle nuts on top of the waffle after I saw them on Joyce's waffle!  Hiaz...

Overall, the price here is quite reasonable and the other main courses seemed quite good also.