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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Peony Jade Restaurant @ Keppel Club

Celebrated Dad's 55th Bday today at Keppel Club. We ordered mainly their signature Dim Sum.
Here is the entrance to the restaurant....

Menu... They have many different types of set courses/ Ala-carte dishes/ Dim Sum etc. You will be spoilt for choices. For UOB cardholders, there is a promotion "2 for 2 set menu". I asked the the menu and after browsing through the menu, we decided to order ala-carte instead.


Seafood Roll ($5.50)

Beancurd Roll ($4.80)

Mini Abalone Dumpling ($6.80)

Goose Liver and Shrimp Balls with Almond Flakes ($8.90)
Whoohoo.. love these almond flaked dim sum.....

Crystal Dumplings ($4.80)

These crystal dumplings are black because they make use of squid ink. But don't worry, they will not stain your teeth like those squid ink pasta :P

Custard Pastry ($4.50)

Korean-styled Braised Duck ($15)

I like this dish very much. There is a lot of favour in it, including ginseng favour and even the duck's skin is nice to eat :)

My humble portion of the duck meat :P

Seafood Fried Rice ($16)

Mian Xian ($16)

There is a 15% discount for UOB card holders.

Peony Jade Restaurant
Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club
Singapore 109918
For reservation, call: 6276 9138

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Empire State @ Illuma (Bugis)

This was our first trip to Illuma although it had been opened for a few months already. Most of the restaurants are found on the 4th level. From the 1st level, you can find an escalator that bring you straight to the 4th level. After walking one round, we decided to settle at Empire State restaurant.

They have a Super-Sized burger and the actual size of the burger (in picture form) is shown in the menu. It cost $29.90. We didn't order this of course... It is really big. Instead, hubby ordered the house burger. After finishing the burger, he was full and I "helped" him to finish the fries :P

House Burger ($12.90)

Squid Ink Pasta ($14.90)
Today, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try out the squid ink pasta. I wanted to try this during the previous dinner with my friends at Ma Maison but when they warned me that the ink would stained my teeth, I had second thoughts :P True enough, I will not advise you to order this dish if you are going on a date. I got to wipe my lips a number of times to get rid of the ink so those people sitting near me will not laugh at me. Heehee...

It tasted like the normal dry version of the minced meat noodle that I often have but a bit more salty. Anyway, I ordered this dish for the experience only so I wasn't really expecting much.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hanabi @ Katong Mall

Today is National Day! Happy 44th Birthday to Singapore!!! We have a reason to give ourselves a good treat too :P We had a-la carte buffet at Hanabi at Katong Mall today.

We reached the place around noon and the place is not very crowded yet.

Chawanmushi is one of their chef's recommendation. Ok.. it was smooth but not much ingredient inside.

Sashimi platter - Not bad. Quite generous. Hubby ordered another 2 portions of salmon sashimi after that.

For a start, we took a bowl of salmon miso soup to warm up our empty stomach first. Subsequently, hubby ordered another 2 bowls of salmon miso soup.

I didn't enjoy the handroll. The seaweed was hard to bite off, not very nice.

The beef was quite tasty.

The buffet cost us $33 per person. Hubby and I are not really big eater. After the buffet, we were really very full and we even skipped dinner. I find that although Hanabi have over 100 dishes to choose from, there is hardly any dish that is really outstanding and make me want to go back again. They don't have desserts for their buffet too. Although they have quite a number of dishes on ramen and don, who would want to order these for buffet? Also, many of their stuff come with rice. For example, we cannot just order soft shell crab or unagi. They come in the form of sushi or handroll. Few months back, I went to Nihon Musa at Pasir Ris E-hub, they have scallops, a variety of desserts served at a lower cost. I prefer that to Hanabi.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Japanese Tibits from Yamazaki

Hubby bought this type of tibits in Japan and we were quite delighted when we saw these at Yamazaki at The Central. Some of these were limited edition :D

Happy Family

Very cute designs for the packaging :)

Azabu Sabo @ The Central

Hubby paid for the dinner at Mr Curry. I decided to treat him to some desserts to make up for the not so satisfying dinner. Wanted to bring him to Sun and Moon, but he doesn't really like Japanese desserts. Thus, we had our desserts at Azabu Sabo (still Japanese type) but he likes mango and there is mango dessert here.


Soft Ice-Cream with Mango & Milk

Azabu Sabo
The Central,
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-56
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6534 7178

Mr Curry @ The Central

There was a heritage food festival at Clarke Quay Read Bridge. However, we past by all the food stalls and nothing really interest us. Thus, we went back to The Central for our dinner. Walked past some Japanese restaurants, including Waraku. However, we just had Waraku at The Heeren a week ago so I told hubby to try other restaurants. We were attracted by Mr Curry's restaurant decor and we decided to give it a try.

Once we sat down, I realized that the plates and serviettes got Waruku's name printed on them. So, Mr Curry is also a subsidiary of Waraku. We ordered 4 dishes and 2 drinks but our table was quite small. When the staff served the dishes to us, she didn't ask us and assumed that I ordered the ramen and gave my hubby the omelette rice. When she realized I was the one having the omelette rice, she didn't bother to help us arrange the dishes properly and correctly. Poor us, we got to arrange back the dishes nicely on our own :( This spoilt our mood for this dining experience from the very start.

Hubby ordered Seafood Curry Ramen. Think it didn't taste very good.

I ordered the chef's recommendation, Omelette Rice with Clams. It was quite a disappointment. The omelette was so thin and I didn't enjoy it at all.

We paid $49.95 for this very unsatisfying meal.