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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fatcat Ice-cream Bar @ Bedok North Blk 416

Rushed over to Fatcat Ice-cream at Bedok North to meet up my secondary school buddies immediately after a lunch gathering at Vivocity.  We arranged to meet at the cafe at 4pm.  The cafe was full and we waited for a short while before getting a super small table for four.  I was excited to try out the charcoal waffle with ice-cream and topped with salted egg sauce, mojito and other beautiful plated desserts which appeared frequently in my instagram newsfeed.  However, to my disappointment, all desserts other than the ice-cream were all SOLD OUT!!!

As such, each of us only ordered a scoop of ice-cream.  I had the butter beer ice-cream which was quite tasty.  This was the saving grace for my experience here.  Only one photo for this post.     PS:  Saw a couple bringing a loaf of white bread into the cafe to go with the premium ice-cream.  Personally, I think customers will not come all the way to the cafe just to have ice-cream.  More choices of cakes or desserts should be made available.  Not too sure whether I would patronize the cafe again as I don't want to end up leaving with disappointment again.  :(
Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas in Bangkok with Snoopy @ CentralWorld

After our dinner at MK restaurant, we took a walk around the vicinity to experience the Christmas mood in Bangkok.

 Bubbly World Hello Kitties, from McDonalds had also arrived in Bangkok!  I already had the full set at home, bought in Singapore.

 Many snoopy at Centralworld shopping mall area.

 It was super crowded and hot outdoors so we went into the shopping mall for some air-con and took these photos from inside the mall.

 On our way back to the hotel, we passed by Erawan Temple

Saturday, January 17, 2015

MK Restaurant @ MBK, Bangkok Day 2

After a long but exciting day spent at Erawan Museum, we took the BTS back to the city area and had our dinner at MK Restaurant!  We had one of our meals at MK too during our previous trip to Bangkok.

Menu outside the restaurant.
 Nice design of the metal ladle.
 MK mascot - A holder for serviette, pen and toothpicks.
 We were famished after coming back from a long journey and we ordered quite a lot of food for just the two of us.

Roasted Duck and Crispy Pork (170 baht).  The roasted duck with thin crisp skin was tender and the flavourful sauce compliments it.  This is a "Must-order" when you are dining at MK.  However, the pork skin was not crispy.  
We ordered many plates of ala-carte items for our steamboat.

 Intestines - This was the only item that we didn't enjoy.  Very tough and difficult to chew.

I also ordered their fried rice to get my carbo fix.
You can now find MK in Singapore too, at 313@Somerset though I have not been there yet.  For those of you who had patronized MK Singapore, how was it?

MK Restaurant
A9-A10 7th Floor, MBK Center,
BTS National Stadium, Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan, 
Central Bangkok (CBD), Bangkok, 10330

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Amazing Erawan Museum @ Samut Prakan, Bangkok

We decided to visit the Erawan Museum on the second day of our trip.  After lunch at MBK, we took the BTS to Bearing station.  We were supposed to take a cab or bus near the station to the museum but somehow, we missed the bus stop where we were supposed to take the bus. (Took a different exit).  We just walked down the road towards the direction of the museum.  We came across this signboard, took a snapshot and at this juncture, a bus passed by and a few people in the bus were waving and shouting, signalling to us to hop on the bus.  Haha... That was really impromptu.  We told them we were going to the Erawan Museum but everyone on the bus didn't understand English.  We assumed the bus driver knew where we were going as he used some hand gesture, showing movement of elephant trunk and laughing away.  
 Inside the bus.  All locals.  We were the only foreign tourists.  A guy came to us with a cylindrical metal container to collect our transport fares.  We took out a few dominations of coins and let him choose as we didn't know how much the fare was.  It cost only around 10 baht per pax.
 Our first time taking bus in Bangkok!
 We made an assumption.  We thought that the bus driver would let us know when to alight which he didn't.  I saw the gigantic three-headed elephant statue and was shocked that the bus driver didn't stop the bus and was heading to the highway.  Panicked, I quickly told my hubby to tell the driver to let us alight.  Yup, just in time before going up to the highway to no idea where. 

The entrance fee includes the rental of audio guide which was really useful, to allow you to understand the history of this museum and also the important details to notice when you tour the different levels.
We entered the musuem through the first level.  The centrepiece is the statue of Guanyin (Mahayana Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion) and the structure is supported by four huge pillars which each represent the religions of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity  We didn't manage to go down to the basement (Underworld) as I think it was closed for maintenance.
Impressive Stained Glass at the top of the first level.
Ceramics spoons, bowls were used to create these impressive art sculpture.

  We walked up the spiral staircase to get to the topmost level.
 Paintings of asparas seen on the wall as we walked up the staircase.  Alternatively, you can choose to take the elevator.

 Peeping out of the small window in the "elephant body".

 Continue to walk up the staircase and you will reach the Tavatimsa Heaven, where you can see a "walking" Buddha statue, housed in a concave wall with solar system paintings on it.  We see a fusion of Visual Art and Religion here.  

 Finally, hubby found a good spot for photo-taking, showing all the three elephant heads.

 Crossing the bridge to get to the bus-stop.

 We took the bus back to Bearing Station.

Erawan Museum
99/1 Moo Bang Muanmai (off Sukhumvit Rd), Samut Prakan
Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 to 17:00
How to get there: Erawan Museum is located about five kilometres south of Bearing BTS station in northern Samut Prakan province. It can easily be reached from Bearing station by taxi or local buses #25, 102, 142, 365, 507, 508, 511 and 536.