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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Le Viet @ 112 Katong

Dad recommended this place for our family dinner as he had been here for a gathering with his old pals a month back, and he said the Vietnamese food was authentic and good.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singapore Food Expo 25 - 29 May @ Singapore Expo

The Singapore Food Fair will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 5 from 25 to 29 May 2012 from 11am to 10pm.  Admission is free.

We went at around 11am before the crowd kicked in.
Hubby bought "Shark-fin" Soup ($2) first to warm our stomach.
Even though we were already very early, we couldn't find any table for us to settle to enjoy our meal.
 City Satay got quite good business here as one of the stalls with the longest queue.

 Roasted Duck Stall
 We bought the Peking Duck crepe at $5 from here.  It was such a disappointment.  Don't think this tasted like Peking Duck.  No cripsy duck skin with very salty sauce.
 Cute signboard captured my attention.  Asked hubby to queue here to buy deep-fried mushroom.
 However, this was awful.  Fried mushroom is one of my favourite snacks but this one, they did it quite badly with too much flour and not really crunchy.
 We bought 3 packets of Muar Mackerel Otak from this stall as we had tried before and we know it is good.  This stall, not sure what is the name, used to sell similar items with similar setup at our neighbourhood  before.  However, the business then sustained only for a few weeks.

Seriously, I think you won't miss much from this food fair.  If you are going to Expo this weekend, you can still hop by to the Popular book fair or even the electronics fair at the other exhibition halls.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Tea at Rose Veranda @ Shangri-la Hotel

It has become almost a monthly affair that the "Multiply" clique will meet up with one another for either high-tea  or lunch.  If any of our friends' birthday fall on the same month, we will also hold the birthday celebration for the birthday gal(s) at the same time.  This month, we went to Rose Veranda at Shangri-la Hotel for a high-tea session and also to celebration a friend's birthday.

We made reservation for the first seating at 11.30am, which is the normal high-tea buffet.  If you choose the second seating at 3pm, it will be those traditional English high-tea.
 (Please check when making reservation to confirm).   

The Lobby Court
Hotel lobby
Centre-piece at the hotel lobby
The Rose Veranda is located at the second level.

Very comfy sofa and cushion.

The 3 kids who were with us for this high-tea.
We were being served a glass of "welcome tea".  
Love the pretty tea-cup set.
They have a wide selection of TWG tea.  The maroon velvet menu is rather thick and it took us quite a while to browse through the whole menu.  In the end, all of us still chose the tea from the first page - their top 10 favourite tea.  I chose the "Geisha Blossom Tea".  We were allowed to choose only 1 type of tea each.

My first plate of starters....
Followed by some seafood...
Lentil Soup was served to us by the staff.  I don't really know how to appreciate this, don't like :(

Little boy showing some temper.
Vanilla Sorbet topped with some jelly stuff were served to us. 
The dessert spread.  I was too full to try any of these.
Chocolate Fondue - A wide spread of items to be dipped into the fondue, including erm.. chocolate balls?  Double-chocolate balls then..

I took a sesame mochi ball.  Quite nice.
Creme Brulee
I quite liked it but my friend found it a bit too sweet.
Complimentary birthday cake for the birthday gal.
Group photo - Another good celebration :)
Total bill was $280, that is $40 per pax after DBS 15% discount.  The manager also gave us 4 x $20 return voucher (Mothers' Day Promotion) which could be utilized at any of the cafe or restaurants in Shangri-la.  Seemed like a really good deal right?