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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half Day Trip to Lamma Island 南丫島, HK

We went to Lamma Island the day after our Shenzhen trip on a weekday too. As I woke up late, we had brunch at a nice congee place near our hotel. After that, we took the train to Central MTR station.  From there, we took a ferry to Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan). Quite a fast ride, around 25 minutes and it was so comfortable that I dozed off on the ferry.

From wikipedia: Actor Chow Yun-fat grew up on the island in the village of Tung O in Yung Shue Wan. His family still operates a seafood/pigeon restaurant called "Shau Kee" in the main village.
Central Pier
Head towards Pier No. 4 if you are going to Lamma Island
You can choose to take the ferry to either Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan.  As we wanted to take some time to explore the island, we chose to head towards Yung Shue Wan first and from there, hiked to Sok Kwu Wan for seafood dinner. 

Reached Lamma Island.
The ferry that took us to the island

Temple at Yung Shue Wan

 After a very long walk, we saw this little beancurd stall.
 We decided to have a quick stop here for a rest. 
 We ordered 2 bowls of cold beancurd.  Something that we really needed in such a hot weather.
After that, we continued our walk and finally, we reached a very nice beach.

We continued our trek.  This time round, the trekking trail was tougher as we were required to go up the hill.
Sometimes, the slope can be quite steep...  Up, Up, Up, we go...

See.. we were so far off from the beach already.  We walked a total of 3 hours from one village to the next.
Reached a pavilion and we checked how long more we were required to walk.

Another temple, now we were at the other side of the island already :)
Stone lions facing the sea
We decided to have our dinner here at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant.

Our order
The crab was the most expensive item. 
Their fried calamari was really good.  Very chewy :)

Ordered 2 pieces of abalone but they were very tough :(

Their specialty lamma island fried rice

The restaurant operates their own ferry and we enjoyed a free ride back.  We took the smaller one.