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Thursday, January 26, 2012

JB Trip Part I - Johor Premium Outlet

Hubby drove my family to JB on a Sunday morning (upon request by my mum) to celebrate her birthday.  Since hubby was driving, we need not spend more $$ purchasing the 1-Day JB Premium Outlet tour package which many tour agencies are offering now at $29.90/ pax. :) :)

Exit 302A
Parking Rate

There is a food court here that you wouldn't miss once you reach the outlet.  It is located near the entrance.  We didn't go in as we were eager to explore the shopping outlets.
Photo with mum and brother
It was really a very hot day and we could hardly open our eyes.
My parents
Me and Hubby
Kids having fun at the fountain.
There are many mid-range and local brands outlets here too.  In fact, I observed most of the shoppers would carry carriers from G2000/ Adidas/ Vincci/ Paidini etc instead.

This crepe kiosk seemed to enjoy very good business.  The queue was rather long.
We went up to the second level to have our lunch.

No queue at Coach when we were there.
Mum bought some coconut chocolate from this shop.
We had our lunch here at "Tang Shifu".

Abalone porridge.  What presented here was very different from the photo in their menu.
The "abalone" was super tiny.
Black Chicken Soup

My Mee Sua was the last dish to arrive.

After lunch, we continued our shopping at Tebrau Jusco.  Will post about it in my next blog post.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant @ Midlink Plaza

Unagi Don Set ($14)
This is not the real unagi since we are talking about a vegetarian restaurant here.  The unagi is actually made of tofu grilled with seaweed and nice sweet teriyaki sauce.
They offer a wide variety of dishes including salmon sashimi!  Of course, all mock meat lah!  Wonder how the mock sashimi taste.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forlino @ One Fullerton

Been very occupied with work for the past 2 weeks.  This afternoon, I had lunch with hubby at Forlino.  Will post more about the lunch soon.  Here's Stitch!  Have a nice weekend!!

The sign above states "EXIT" but this is the main entrance to the restaurant!  I had verified with the staff.
Finding our way to the restaurant, we past by......

 After going through quite a long walkway, we finally reached the restaurant.  It was noon and we were the first customers.