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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sushi Delivery (

During this Covid-19 period (from Circuit Breaker till even now), hubby and I have all our dinners at home.  I had learnt cooking simple dishes and even attempted Korean cusine.  I have yet to try making sushi and I probably won't be doing any deep-frying in my kitchen.  However, Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi are our favourite food as well so we have to find online delivery for Japanese food if we were to crave for them.  

On one of our busy weekdays evening, I was pleased to receive a special delivery from, in collaboration with "Best In Singapore".  They sent over a good variety of dishes for us to sample, from salad, sushi, side dishes to bento box.  Each dish was nicely packaged so I don't see the need for me to transfer them to proper plates for plating/ photography purposes.   

We received two bags of food!
 One bag consisting of 4 different types of "Cold" food.
The other bag consisting of the "Hot" food.

Let's start with the "Cold" food. The first dish that I tried is the Kani Salad (Promo Price: $6.90). A fresh mix of crabsticks, cherry tomatoes, capsicums and lettuce dressed in sesame sauce with roe topping. As you can see, the amount of roe is overly generous but we are not complaining!

California Maki ($10.90)
This is the popular type of sushi that will be welcomed by both young and old. Crabsticks, crunchy Japanese cucumber and sweet tamago wrapped in nori and sushi rice, and again topped with a generous amout of roe.

 Chuka Kurage ($4)
Kurage (jellyfish) served with a white radish garnish. The jellyfish was rather salty on its own. In my opinion, it will be better to have this together with rice.

 Kappa Maki ($3.90)
Very basic sushi with cucumber which our vegetarian friends can take.

 Our main course - Chicken Kaarage Bento (Promo Price: $10.90)
Eight pieces of deep-fried chicken karaage served with a side salad, Japanese pickles and sushi rice topped with furikake, which helped to balance the taste of the bento.  

 Shrimp Crouton - 5 pieces ($4.90)
This is similar to fried sotong ball but with the addition of croutons.  I heated them up in the oven the next day to make them more crispy.

 Yam Net Sponge Rolls - 5 pieces ($5.90)
This is my favourite amongst all the fried items.  While eating the roll, I kept thinking I was eating sweet potato and I checked to confirm from the website that this is actually yam.  The filling was really generous.  The yam was sweet so this dish can be served as a dessert after meal too!  

 Taka Yaki - 5 pieces ($4.90)
A chunk of octupus can be found in each takoyaki, creating an interesting texture.  It is nice to chew in the inside and yet soft on the outside.  Eat it together with the generous amount of bonito flakes and a dollop of mayonaise, you will be satisfied.

If you are interested in ordering from Sushi Delivery, do check out at their website at:  They don't have a physical restaurant and only focus on delivery.

Thanks "Best In Singapore" for the collaboration.
Want to know more about online sushi delivery in Singapore?  Check this out as well!

Sushi Delivery
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Contact: +65 83287438

Best In Singapore
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