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Friday, June 13, 2014

Symmetry @ Jalan Kudor

I had initiated a dinner meet-up session with my friends Pauline and Sam before my holiday trip.  Sam had been to Symmetry Cafe before for their lunch and she was full of praise for it.  Thus, we decided to try out their dinner menu this time round.  Do note that for dinner, waffle is not in the menu.  Also, you can make reservation online from their website.  :)  

I met up with Sam at Bugis MRT and we took an approximate 10-minutes walk to the cafe.  We passed by this huge art mural of a Giant Girl with a Lion Cub (Along Jalan Pisang), drawn by Penang-based famous Street Art Artist Ernest Zacharevic.  I had seen many of his works when I went Penang for holiday during March this year and I like them a lot.  They have brought so much life to the streets.
 Seems that the Giant Girl is looking at you...

 Entrance of the cafe.  I nearly missed the door as the entrance was so small.  Just push the Red door handle to enter, not the yellow one.
 These two characters from "The Nightmare before Christmas" were seated at the entrance to greet you.  Creepy?
 Symmetry – A Taste of the Good Life.
Pauline had reached the place earlier than us and by the time we reached, a glass of grapes (Complimentary) was already served on our table.
 Dinner menu.
 Sam ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow ($6.50) and she asked whether they can do Choco Art on her drink.  Got a positive answer and her cup of hot chocolate was served with a Bunny Art on top and marshmallow by the sides on the saucer.
 Not too adventurous with my drinks, I ordered Sakura Flower Tea ($8).  A bit regret!  Should have ordered coffee instead.

  Pauline ordered "Symmetric" ($22) which contains vodka.
 We ordered two starters to share:
Wakame Prawn Popcorn with Wasabi Remoulade ($17)
These "oversized" popcorns were very addictive and went well with the wasabi mayo sauce.
 Asparagus and Bacon Sticks with a poached egg on top. ($20)
The asparagus and bacon were wrapped and deep-fried in "popiah skin".  Quite tasty but a bit high on the sodium side.

 Both Pauline and myself ordered the Symmetry Hamburger ($29) and we were both pleased with the burgers.
 The burger contains beef cheek (Very tender!), chorizo (Didn't notice its existence), foie gras (Yummy!), lettuce, beetroot and caramelized onions.  The dish was served with rocket leaves and truffle fries.
 Sam ordered Baby Barramundi (Asian Seabass) $38.  As the staff took our order, he said the fish was quite big and it was meant to be shared by two.  Haha... He had underestimated Sam.  Despite the "warning", Sam went ahead with the order and she could almost finish the whole fish on her own!
 We spotted a beautiful cat outside the restaurant as we left and we spent some time playing with it.  I guess it belongs to Symmetry.  It has its own instagram account at @symmetrykitty.  

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
Singapore 199206
Tel: 6291 9901

Opening hours:
Monday:  10.30am - 9pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 1030am – 11pm
Friday:  10.30am – Midnight
Saturday:  9am - Midnight
Sun: 9am – 7pm

Sunday, June 8, 2014

11 Days Hokkaido/ Tokyo Trip

Had been really busy with work these few weeks and hardly had the momentum to keep this blog updated. Finally, I will be flying off to Japan next week for my holidays to take a break from work.  We had signed up for a tour package with CTC for 7 Days Hokkaido trip as we were too busy to do our own planning for the trip but we will extend another 3 days in Tokyo free and easy.  We hope that we can visit Tsujiki Market to look at the auctioning process during our stay in Tokyo as it will be re-located soon by 2016.  Probably will do a day-trip to Mount Fuji.  Anyone can recommend what to shop/ buy and eat in Hokkaido/ Tokyo?  Do share your experiences with me!  :)