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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinner at Ruyi @ Changi Airport T1

Hubby and I went on a short vacation to Melbourne last week.  We took a night flight, flying with Emirates.  We decided to go to the airport earlier to have our dinner first as our flight was scheduled at 10.25pm.  As I thought we would not be eating much of Chinese food in Melbourne, I decided to have our dinner at Ruyi, which is a Chinese fast food restaurant which was opened a few mths ago at Terminal 1.  Their main branch is at Resort World Sentosa.  Food is quite good.  I had minced meat with egg yolk rice and I enjoyed my meal.  In the restaurant, they also show some video clips on how the food is being prepared like a fast food chain.  Even their fried rice, they use special machine to fry the rice automatically.  Interesting!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Graduation Nite at Holiday Inn Atrium

Food is secondary here.  It was the fun and excitement that we had that were memorable. 
Anyway, a pictorial of the food =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fish and Co @ Tampines Mall

It had been ages sinces we stepped into Fish and Co. As we would like to try a bit of everything, this platter for 2 seemed to be the best choice. :)

Off to Australia tomorrow!!!  Will get more seafood and fish & chips there!  :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fisherios Fish and Chips @ Ngee Ann City

Ordered their beer battered fish and chips.  When the staff asked me whether I wanted to top up ie change the fish from dory to cod fish and add in a soup of the day and a soft drink, I said "Yes" without thinking.  Thus, from the $7.90 beer battered dory, I had the $12.90 combo set.  However, sad to say, I didn't enjoy this meal very much.  When the dish was served, I thought it looked quite decent.  However, as I used my knife to cut the fish, the oil oozed out.  The fried fish was really really very oily and after finishing the meal, I got this queasy feeling.  Would like to check out the Mignon's Steak just opposite the next time.
Beer Battered Fish and Chips (Cod Fish)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Birthday Celebration with Hubby at Morton's Steakhouse

Hubby gave me a pleasant surprise on my birthday.  I didn't expect this as I actually told him in the afternoon that I was very tired as I had a long meeting and I just wanted to laze at home on that night :P  However, when he reached home from work, he quickly asked me to change and get ready to go out for dinner.  He said he had already made a reservation.  At first, he refused to tell me where we were going.  Finally, after my persistant nagging, he told me that we were going to Morton's Steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  I then told him that it would be a really expensive dinner,  probably $200 per pax, was he sure about it?  :P

They presented us the menu once we got seated and I had another surprise.  They printed "Happy Birthday, Wendy!" on the menu!  I brought back the menu after dinner.  I think this was the first time I took a restaurant's menu back.  Haha... A bit embarrassed as it was quite long and I could not hide it anywhere in my bag.  I wanted to bring this back as a momento and luckly they didn't stop me.

The onion loaf is complimentary for every table.  It was really huge but very delicious.  We were tempted to finish it all up.  Of course, we could only manage to finish half of it as we still got to leave some space for the steak!!

The waitress then presented us with a tray of various cuts of the meat.  She then went on rattling all that they served at the restaurant, eg.  the different types of steak, the seafood etc.  However, I think she talked really fast and in a weird accent that I couldn't catch most of it.  Haha...  I went back to the menu.
Half dozen of Pacific Oysters on the Half Shell ($36)
They were really quite big and "creamy"
My Single Cut Filet Mignon ($82)
** From Wikipedia:  Filet mignon (French for "cute fillet" or "dainty fillet") is a steak cut of beef taken from the tenderloin
Hubby ordered New York Strip Steak ($118)
There is a "Slightly smaller" version of the New York Strip Steak at $108.
Both steak done in "Medium"
Another surprise for me when the staff came with a slice of cake and sang me birthday song  :):)  They used their camera to help us take a photo too.
Cheese Cake

 Cover of Birthday Card given by the staff (Not too sure hubby got pay for this as I didn't get to see the bill...  Haha..)
Inside the card :)  The photo that they took with their camera.
I am thankful to my hubby for this surprise birthday celebration by dragging me out of the house.  If not, I would have missed out all these.  :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breakfast at Potion Cafe @ Nostagia Boutique Hotel

Hubby and I went for a breakfast at Nostagia Hotel today, which is definitely a very different routine from our normal weekend mornings.  I think many of you might not heard of this boutique hotel.  It is situated very near to the Tiong Bahru Market.  So why the sudden idea to go all the way from the East to enjoy a breakfast at Nostagia?  Oh well, after my first deal at for the Halloween Horror at Night Safari, I had subscibed to their daily updates through email.  Saw this deal, Classic American Breakfast/ brunch $9.90 breakfast instead of $17.70 usual and also going through Sparklette review on the hotel, I thought this is a interesting place to check out.  Thus, I proceed with the online payment and got this second deal from
Wall painting seen from Potion Cafe
Our breakfast
Choice of toast (white or whole wheat) with preserves, two eggs (any style), sausage, bacon, harsh brown, selection of orange/ cranberry/ pineapple juice & freshly brewed coffee or tea (free flow)

Nice floral mural on the wall

My American Continental Breakfast
Hubby's breakfast
Painting at the lift lobby.  We wanted to take the lift to go up to the 3rd level to take a look at their pool terrace.  However, we were being denied access to go up  :(
The staff have very good service, friendly and polite.  Immediately when hubby finished up his cranberry juice, the staff approached him and asked him whether he wants to have it refill.  Kudos!  :)

77 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 168727
Tel:  6808 1818

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Ah Ma's Bday Celebration at "The Seafood International Market & Restaurant" 国际海鲜市场及酒楼

Celebrated my Granny's Birthday at "The Seafood International Market & Restaurant" which is situated at "The Playground" @ East Coast Park.  It is not easy to miss this place, just need to look out for the "Red Lobster".
Upon entering the restaurant through the main entrance, you will see the live seafood section and there are trolleys available for you to cart your seafood.
Presenting the ala-carte buffet menu...
Quite value for money as they have more than 40 dishes to choose from and it cost less than $30 per person.
 These 12 items can only be ordered once.  The portion of food served by default, will be based on the number of people per table.  The abalone and the shark's fin soup is limited to one serving per person.  We had two tables. 
We started off with some dim sum such as the pan-fried carrot cake, Siew Mai, steam crystal prawn dumpling.

 Steamed BBQ chicken bun
Finally, came the highlight of the buffet - The mini braised abalone with oyster sauce
The abalone was really small and no knife was provided for us to slice the abalone.  Thus, we just picked it up with our chopsticks and put the whole abalone into our mouth.  Quite chewy.
 The sharkfin soup was a disappointment.  It was too starchy and I didn't enjoy this.
The rest of the "limited dishes" arrived fairly fast after that.
Crayfish, mini ones
Deep fried fish, normally will not go wrong
Steamed seabass with yellow bean sauce
Scallops with Asparagus
Fish Fillet in orange sauce
Drunken Prawns,  each of us took 1 prawn each
Crispy softshell crab
This dish was one of my favourite - Sliced Venison in black bean sauce
The meat was really tender and well flavoured
Cheese baked Scallops
Could hardly taste the scallops as they were very small but I liked the cheese "skin"
The service of the staff was very good.  They would refill our tea and clear our plates very promptly.  They were also very flexible.  After eating so many dishes, we were all full.  However, we would still like to sample some other dishes.  We were such a glutton right?  :P
  For instance, the following tofu dish, we requested to be served for 5 person instead of 10.  Even for the olive rice and the vermicelli, we requested for just 2 portions, they were also alright with it.  :)
I love to eat Tofu and this one really suited my tastebud.  I took 3 pieces out of 5!
Assorted mushroom with kailan, a bit spicy

Although we ordered quite a number of dishes, we didn't manage to try out all they offer of course.  We didn't order any of the following at all because our stomach couldn't hold them in anymore.  :P
and we only ordered 2 dishes from the following:
 Thus, there is a reason for us to come here again!  :)

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A #01-01 Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874