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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Steamboat King (

 During rainy and cooling weather, most of us would crave for steamy hot food such as steamboat.  However, we might not have the necessary ingredients such as shabu shabu meat in our fridge and we also might not have enough time to prepare the broth.  It is probably too much of a hassle to prepare.  Now, with steamboat delivery services available, you have another option to have steamboat at home without having to do the preparation on our own!  Do check out "Best 8 Steamboat Delivery in Singapore" from "Best In Singapore" for some good steamboat delivery recommendation!

I decided to order from "Steamboat King", their super value set meal (for 3-4 pax) for a Friday dinner.  You can place order in advance or you can order it when you have a sudden craving for steamboat as delivery can be done within 1 hour.  Recently, I think they had revamped their menu and it is now much cheaper than before.  It now cost around $16 per pax.  Do check out their different bundle sets.  

You can see from the photo below that all the items were nicely packed and even the different sauces were packed in little containers.

We had a choice of two types of broth.  I decided to top up an extra $5 for the 1.5L Premium Collagen Soup (for the reason that collagen is known to be good for our complexion and I also don't know how to make this soup at home).  My second choice of soup base was their Sichuan Mala Soup (Also 1.5L but it came in 2 packaging).  We just need to pour the broth into the hotpot stove, very convenient and it also helped to prevent spillage.

With every bundle purchased, you are entitled to get a complimentary portable stove set (14cm + fuel).  For us, we were able to get two free stove set as our purchase was more than $50.
Update:  I look through their website recently and realised that they had drastically lowered the price of the bundle set and the stove sets were not free anymore.  There were also better types of stove sets available for purchase.  Please take note!

A clear instruction sheet was found in the package to explain step-by-step how to light up the portable stove fuel.

We decided to try out the free stove sets.  However, the broth took a very very long time to boil.  The fuel gel also didn't manage to last through our whole steamboat session.  Probably there were others who had feedback to them about this issues and that is why they don't offer this set for free anymore.

The spread of food was good, from veggies to all the quality meat/ fish slices.  In my super value bundle set, we got the following:

Toman Fish Slice (200g)

Chicken Breast Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Belly Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Collar Shabu (200g)

Vegetables and Mushrooms:
Chinese Long Cabbage (200g)
Shanghai Green (200g)
Enoki Mushroom (100g)

 Beancurd/ Tofu/ Sausages
Fried Beancurd Skin Roll (8 Pieces)
Egg Tofu (100g)
Chicken Sausage (200g)

Superior Fish Paste (150g)

Noodles / Rice:
Japanese Steamed Rice (3 servings)
Korean Noodles (1 serving)

3 Dipping Sauces:
Goma Shoyu (60ml) x 2
Steamboat Homemade Sambal Chilli (60ml) x 2
Thai Chilli Sauce (60ml) x 2

Free Ayataka Green Tea (1.5L) and Watermelon Slices (4 pax)

I had an add-on for this Hokkaido Snow Pork Shabu for $4.90 and they were definitely very value-for-money.  The quality was good and they were the melt-in-the mouth type.

We also added goji berries and red dates that they provided into the soup to further enhance the taste.
Bon Appetit!

Best in Singapore:
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Steamboat King:

Friday, October 16, 2020

Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

 A special delivery to our doorstep!  I ordered a pillow for my hubby!  He has been suffering from neck strain and he changed pillows much more frequently than me.  The recommendation by "Best In Singapore - The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore" came in rather timely.  I ordered this "Origin Pillow" (which came first in the recommended list) for my hubby as his current pillow has been serving him for quite long already.  Time for a new pillow! 

Whoohoo!  The pillow is making its way to our bedroom!

As hubby is more particular in the choice of pillow than me, I let him try this pillow for two weeks before penning down this review.  He was very satisfied with the pillow as it provided good cushioning and support.   

Initially, we thought that the pillow would be too soft for comfort but it does provide good support for the head for a good night sleep.  I did a little test on the pillow to show you how the pillow can quickly bounce back to the original shape.  The Latex material of the pillow will mould accordingly to the shape of your head. This will help to ensure the sleeper will get the perfect level of sleep support.

The pillow comes along with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover.  Tencel fabric is known for its natural comfort, environmentally responsible production process and being softer as compared to cotton. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and extremely ideal for hot weather climates.  Unzip the pillow cover, you will find the pillow with small holes all over in the material, for air circulation purposes to keep you cool, definitely great for Singapore's hot and humid weather.

Features of the Latex Pillow:

👍 Pillow Dimensions – 65cm x 40cm x 13cm

👍 Material: Natural Latex + Coolmax® Cooling Gel

👍 Removable Tencel Fabric Pillow Cover

👍 7-Day Free Return (self-return to Origin’s warehouse)

👍 2 Years Warranty

👍 A product of Germany

I think this is a good pillow to invest in although it is more expensive than most normal types of pillows.  Currently, it is priced at $129 (Original price: $159) and you may order it through their website here.

Hope you will have a comfortable and restful sleep every night with Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow.

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Origin Mattress:

Shepherd's Pie Delivery

Another lazy day where food delivery came to our rescue!  This time round, we decided to try out food delivery from "Shepherd's Pie Delivery" after reading the recommendation from "Best In Singapore’s 5 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore".  I ordered two of their new items - Mac "n" Cheese and also lasagna instead of their normal shepherd pies.  The two items were delivered in aluminum foil boxes and were still warm when they arrived.

When opened, I was excited to see the thick layer of creamy cheese on top of the Mac "n" Cheese!

I love anything with cheese, and lots of cheese!  Here, they are using pure cheese instead of further processed cheese.  I ordered their Mac "n" Cheese Black Pepper Beef Shepherd's Pie (Medium, 400g) .  If you take beef, I will recommend this as the minced beef, soaked in their special black pepper gravy was rather flavourful.  The amount was sufficient for 2 pax.

Macaroni and minced beef aside, it consists of these other ingredients:   Green Peas, Celery, Carrot, Onion, Olive Oil Pomace, Fresh Rosemary, Red Wine, Dried Bay Leaves, Crushed Black Pepper, Sliced Mushrooms, Beef Stock, Vegetable Stock, Cooking Cream, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese and nacho sauce.

The other item that I ordered is their Sienna's Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese) for 1 pax.  To be frank, I was disappointed with the serving size.  The portion was too small even for me.  

However, it was nicely layered (hand-rolled) with the tomato paste and minced beef in between the layers.  These two items fed two hungry bellies.

Island-wide delivery is available and there will be free delivery for order above $70.  Although they promise 1 hour delivery time, my order was delivered half an hour late (that's why we ended up so hungry and wiped out all the two items without any effort) and they also missed out a bottle of 1.5L of Ayataka green tea in my delivery.  I had feedback and hope they will improve in this aspect. 

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Shepherd's Pies:
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Fruit Hut - Online Fruits Delivery

Most of you definitely have seen those very premium Japanese melons that are sold in Isetan or Meidi-ya and they cost probably more than $100.  I chanced upon this fruits delivery website "The Fruit Hut" as recommended by "Best In Singapore - 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore".  They have a wide variety of fruits, including a number of premium fruits as well.  We saw this nice looking melon on the website and decided to order it for the family to try.  The pricing is also more affordable than those sold in the Japanese supermarket and it looks presentable too!

This melon which is Japan-Breed, by "Melts by Superfish Growers" is locally grown in the heart of Brunei Darussalam.  Happy that the melon didn't fail us.  It was very sweet and it deserved a praise from everyone in the family.  Best of all, it doesn't cost more than $50.  I got it during their special deal at $29.

For less than $50, not only I got this premium melon, I got a XXXL avocado, a few mangoes and a bunch of bananas too!  My fruits delivery arrived in a nice packaging instead of everything packed inside a closed carton.

I ordered 3 pieces of Thai Golden Honey Mango and had them sliced.  I was lamenting to my hubby that we didn't have sticky rice to go with the mango.  The flesh was sweet and firm with a buttery smooth texture.

For the avocado and banana, you can choose your preferred ripeness of the fruits.  For instance, I had chosen "Somewhat Ripe (yellow with hints of green)" for the "Philippines Creamy Dole Banana" as I was not going to consume them immediately.  I made banana milkshake and it was really yummy!  I also made avocado chocolate milkshake with my Australia XXXL Avocado as well!  In term of ripeness, I had chosen this option - "Ripens in 4-5 days (somewhat firm, mostly green) as I intended to consume the avocado last.

With the convenience of this fruit delivery channel, why not give this a try and improve your health with good source of vitamins?  The website is very user-friendly and with 8 storage units and order packing stations strategically located across the island, your orders will be allocated to the nearest station to ensure seamless delivery within 2 hours. 

The above photo was taken 2 days after the fruits had been delivered and all were consumed by the third day.

Interestingly, "The Fruit Hut" is the only fruits store in Singapore to have a cold room, a large refrigeration chamber that stores our fruits between 3-7 degrees, keeping them at maximum freshness. You may also visit their store to personally select your fruits today! 

19 Lorong 12
Singapore 398999

The Fruit Hut

Best in Singapore
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Monday, September 7, 2020

The Acai Lab - Online Acai Bowl Delivery

 I have not tried acai bowl before as it is not available around my neighbourhood or workplace and they are not quite available in the malls that I normally frequent.  During this Covid period, it opens up doors for us to try the various online delivery services as most of the time, other than work, we are usually at home.  After reading the recommendation from Best In Singapore on "Best 7 Acai Bowl Delivery in Singapore", I decided to place an order with "The Acai Lab" and to give it a try!  Yes!  This was our maiden attempt to try acai bowl.  
I ordered three different acai bowls as I always like to try out food of different varieties or same type of food but of different flavours (if any).  These were my order:  
1)  Signature Acai Bowl, 2)  Tropical Acai and 3)  Berry Berries.

This was how the acai bowls looked like when they arrived at our door.  They were delivered chilled and the acai puree was still mostly frozen.  

Tip:  I do recommend you to freeze the acai bowl for around 20-30 mins before consuming it.  By then, it would really be icy cold (like frozen ice-cream) and it will help to enhances the taste.  I tried it with one of my acai bowls and I do feel that it tasted better.

What exactly is acai?  Why can't I find fresh acai berries in the supermarket?  I did a little bit of research online and this was what I found out:

Acai berries are 1-inch (2.5-cm) round fruits that grow on acai palm trees in the rainforests of Central and South America. They have a dark purple skin and yellow flesh surrounding a large seed.

Fresh acai berries have a short shelf life and aren't available outside of where they are grown. As an export, they are sold as a frozen purée, dried powder or pressed juice. -

The acai puree aka the PurpleBlend which "The Acai Lab" calls it, is actually a base comprises of mostly fresh açaí berry puree complemented with several other purple superfoods such as blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, cranberries and figs blended with banana and milk base.

Signature Acai Bowl
I would definitely recommend this if you are new to Acai bowl as it contains a good mix of nuts, superfood and fruits.  At "The Acai Lab", their signature acai bowl is topped with granola, banana strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, raisin, pumpkin seed, coconut flake, cranberry and chia seed.  This was my favourite acai bowl amongst the three different bowls as you will find a combination of taste (both sweet and sour) as well as smooth and crunchy texture.  Moreover, I froze this bowl for 30 mins before consuming it.  It tasted really shiok!   
Berry Berries
I had this acai bowl immediately when it was delivered.  I love berries so I chose this specialty bowl that contains blueberries and strawberries.  It had a special acai mango base and also topped with granola, raisins and almonds.

Tropical Bowl

Hubby preferred more fruits for his acai bowl so I ordered the tropical bowl for him.  It contained a variety of food that is in season - pineapple, banana, mango.  In addition, there were also raisin, coconut flakes, walnut, cranberries and chia seed.
Have you already tried Acai Bowl?
Be it yes or no, since they are tasty and come with so many health benefits, do give them a try!  😋

The Acai Lab
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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Pizza Delivery Singapore

Having already tried most of the conventional pizza delivery in Singapore, we decided to try out this new pizza delivery - Pizza Delivery Singapore as recommended by "Best In Singapore" through this article "13 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore" for a change. :)
Whoohoo!  Our order of pizzas, pasta and sides for me and hubby.

As I would like to try out the different flavours, I ordered four different pizzas (All small - 4 slices each), a pasta and two sides.  The small pizzas looked so cute!  They look different from the other commercialised pizzas.  The crust was thin and soft with a bit of crisp on the exterior, so that you can fold the slice before putting it into your mouth.

When I placed my order in July, there was a promotion of 50% off any two pizzas.  Be sure to check out even number of pizzas as the cost of 2 pizzas will be the same as the cost of one pizza, so just get at least two!

Update @4 Aug 2020 - The promotion is now "Buy 1 Free 1" and only applies for Medium or Large Pizza.
There is also an island wide free delivery for order more than $60.

On the boxes, there were labels indicating the "to be consumed before" timing, which is around 4 hours.

Hawaiian Pizza
This is the classic pizza that anyone in the family will love.  The pizza is topped with chicken ham slices, tomato sauce, chicken breast, capsicum peppers, mozzarella cheese and of course, pineapple chunks.

 Beef Salami Pizza
Another classic pizza that is not to be missed.  The pizza is topped with beef salami in tangy tomato sauce with olives, mozzarella cheese in extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.  

Seafood Pizza
This is definitely a must-order for seafood lover like me!  It is topped with a combination of seafood - prawns, tuna chunks, squids, scallops drenched in mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil.   

 Bolognese Pizza
Another choice of pizza for beef lovers.  This pizza is topped with subtly spiced beef bolognese simmered in tangy tomato sauce, extra virgin oil and mozzarella cheese.

Squid Ink Pasta
To be honest, I got a shock when I opened the container as everything in it was black!  Haha!  Definitely it didn't look very aesthetically pleasing.  I did give my share of feedback to them to improve on the aesthetic part of the pasta.  It is better to make the seafood items more visible, am I right?  Apart from this, the pasta was a bit high on the sodium side.  

Beefy Meatballs
I like this side dish of beef meatballs as I was craving badly for Ikea meatballs then.  Although it didn't come with cranberry jam like how Swedish meatballs are usually served, their meatballs, baked in tangy Italian Arrabbiata sauce and topped with cheddar cheese were quite yummy.

Honey Mustard Prawns
This side dish contains 6 battered prawns accompanied by a small tub of their special blend of honey mustard sauce.

I would recommend their handcrafted pizzas if you want to try something different from those conventional pizzas that we normally order for delivery.

Pizza Delivery:
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Best in Singapore:
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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sushi Delivery (

During this Covid-19 period (from Circuit Breaker till even now), hubby and I have all our dinners at home.  I had learnt cooking simple dishes and even attempted Korean cusine.  I have yet to try making sushi and I probably won't be doing any deep-frying in my kitchen.  However, Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi are our favourite food as well so we have to find online delivery for Japanese food if we were to crave for them.  

On one of our busy weekdays evening, I was pleased to receive a special delivery from, in collaboration with "Best In Singapore".  They sent over a good variety of dishes for us to sample, from salad, sushi, side dishes to bento box.  Each dish was nicely packaged so I don't see the need for me to transfer them to proper plates for plating/ photography purposes.   

We received two bags of food!
 One bag consisting of 4 different types of "Cold" food.
The other bag consisting of the "Hot" food.

Let's start with the "Cold" food. The first dish that I tried is the Kani Salad (Promo Price: $6.90). A fresh mix of crabsticks, cherry tomatoes, capsicums and lettuce dressed in sesame sauce with roe topping. As you can see, the amount of roe is overly generous but we are not complaining!

California Maki ($10.90)
This is the popular type of sushi that will be welcomed by both young and old. Crabsticks, crunchy Japanese cucumber and sweet tamago wrapped in nori and sushi rice, and again topped with a generous amout of roe.

 Chuka Kurage ($4)
Kurage (jellyfish) served with a white radish garnish. The jellyfish was rather salty on its own. In my opinion, it will be better to have this together with rice.

 Kappa Maki ($3.90)
Very basic sushi with cucumber which our vegetarian friends can take.

 Our main course - Chicken Kaarage Bento (Promo Price: $10.90)
Eight pieces of deep-fried chicken karaage served with a side salad, Japanese pickles and sushi rice topped with furikake, which helped to balance the taste of the bento.  

 Shrimp Crouton - 5 pieces ($4.90)
This is similar to fried sotong ball but with the addition of croutons.  I heated them up in the oven the next day to make them more crispy.

 Yam Net Sponge Rolls - 5 pieces ($5.90)
This is my favourite amongst all the fried items.  While eating the roll, I kept thinking I was eating sweet potato and I checked to confirm from the website that this is actually yam.  The filling was really generous.  The yam was sweet so this dish can be served as a dessert after meal too!  

 Taka Yaki - 5 pieces ($4.90)
A chunk of octupus can be found in each takoyaki, creating an interesting texture.  It is nice to chew in the inside and yet soft on the outside.  Eat it together with the generous amount of bonito flakes and a dollop of mayonaise, you will be satisfied.

If you are interested in ordering from Sushi Delivery, do check out at their website at:  They don't have a physical restaurant and only focus on delivery.

Thanks "Best In Singapore" for the collaboration.
Want to know more about online sushi delivery in Singapore?  Check this out as well!

Sushi Delivery
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Contact: +65 83287438

Best In Singapore
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