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Saturday, June 30, 2012

5D4N Trip to Bangkok - Our hotel: Pathumwan Princess Hotel

We booked the hotel through It cost us around $670 for a 4-night stay at a superior room without breakfast. The location is good as it is linked to MBK and walking distance to Siam Paragon and the other big shopping malls.
We reached the hotel at around noon and our room was not ready yet.  Hubby did the check-in procedure first before we walked over to MBK for our lunch.
At the hotel lobby...
I waited at the lobby while hubby was at the counter.  

Me at the hotel's ladies...
After our lunch and some shopping at MBK, we came back and got our room.  It was already past 2pm then.  This was our room number:  1710
The room was indeed spacious and very clean.

 Complimentary bottled water and the toiletries.
 I simply love this cute towel elephant.  I couldn't bear to use the face towels which were used to fold the elephant and we had this elephant with us for 4 days.  The hotel also has class for people who want to learn how to fold these towel animals.  The class is conducted in the afternoon at a cost.
 View from our hotel room

There is a nice swimming pool too but we didn't use it during this trip.

Pathumwan Princess Hotel
444 Phayathai Rd, Pathumwan 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kungfu Paradise @ Bedok Point

TGIF!! Decided to drive out to have dinner on a Friday evening after work.  Hubby wanted to drive to Wawawa at Bedok reservoir but I thought it would be good to go on a weekend whereby we can reach there earlier to catch the beautiful sunset.  In the end, we went to Bedok Point.  I think basically Bedok Point is like a Food Mall with many restaurants, right from the 1st level.  There was a especially long queue at "Chicken Hotpot" so I suppose the food is good there?  I am not too sure as I have not tried it yet.  After going from 1st level to the top level, we decided to go down to the 1st level again as we couldn't really make up our mind what to eat.  Dilemma when you have too many choices.

We decided on Kungfu Paradise.  When we reached the restaurant, a friendly staff apologized to us saying that there was no seat available and we might have to wait 20 to 25 minutes for a seat.  As we almost wanted to walk away in disaapointment, I saw three tables of guests standing up, preparing to leave.  I pointed to the staff, telling her that there was seat available.  She politely told us to wait while she would go and clear the table.  So in the end, we still got a table at Kungfu Paradise.  :)  This was my second time here actually.
I ordered the seafood hor fun.  It was quite flavoursome and the prawns were very fresh.
Hubby had noodles with egg and sausages.  
We ended our meal with this dessert which looked really colourful.
As it is my hubby's birthday month, I told him to sign up for the Paradise loyalty card which can be used in all the 7 restaurants in the Paradise Group. 

Kungfu Paradise
Bedok Point, #01-01

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Terrarium Workshop with Little Green Pot

I attended a terrarium workshop with my friend Lijuan during the June Holidays.  Lijuan found out about this workshop conducted by Little Green Pot and she asked me whether I was interested.  Since it was during my holiday, why not? :)

We were each given a jar like this with all the materials required nicely packed inside.
We opened the jar and took out all the packets that were inside.  These were what we got - the various "layers" for the terrarium.
We put in each layer in sequence one by one.  It was quite easy for us as all the materials required were all already nicely packed in the small zip-lock bags.

Small Gravels
Potting Mix
Dig a little hole to put in the plants

Loosen the soil, take the plants out and trim the roots

Choose a decorative item for your terrarium.
Lijuan took a photo of me seriously at work.
Lijuan's terrarium (Left) and my terrarium (Right).

Monday, June 18, 2012

High Tea Weekend Buffet at Tea Lounge, Regent Singapore

Had a high-tea sessions with my Multiply pals again. This time, we were not celebrating anyone's birthday. We just wanted to try out this very popular high-tea buffet at Regent Hotel. We got to book almost like 1 month in advance to dine here. We had 10 adults and we were seated at the "outside" of the tea lounge.  If you are seated inside the lounge, you will get those cozy sofa seats. 
Center-piece at the lobby

 We have a choice of up to 2 selections of tea/ coffee (cuppucino/ latte/ expresso) or hot/cold chocolate.  I chose the mountain berry tea and for my 2nd selection, I decided to have a glass of ice-latte.

 Cooked food stations

My first serving, simply love all these petite sandwiches.

My second serving consisted of savoury items such as Soft-Shell Crabs, Roasted Beef and Salmon.

Beef and Caramelized Pearl Onion Pot Pie

Singapore Wok Fried Noodles with Vegetables - Don't really like this as the noodle lacks springy texture
Smoked Salmon and Mushroom Quiche - Very salty 
 Chicken Satay and Seafood in Chili Crab Sauce with Man Tou
Freshly-Baked Expresso Souffle
For this, you will need to order 20 to 25 mins in advance.
My Ice-Latte
Frozen tea as the ice-cube so the latte will not get too diluted.

Smoked Salmon and Mushroom Quiche

Fruit Skewers

Assorted Macaroons
I only tried one piece and how I wish I got the stomach space to try out all the flavours.

My last plate of desserts

Overall, the quality of food was good especially those at the cooked food stations.  The price of the buffet is quite steep at around $56 per person.  Looking forward to high-tea at Goodwood Park Hotel next month!  Yeah!