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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello Kitty Bowl Ramen

Hubby just came back from Japan today and he bought lots of Japanese snacks. Something that really caught my attention is this Hello Kitty Bowl Ramen.

Hmm... wonder how the bowl ramen taste.. well.. that's really not very important. Feel so happy just looking at the nice packaging. Don't think I will open it so soon.

Update: Disappointment :(

Japanese snacks

Hubby bought all these Japanese goodies from Japan. Some of the snacks are wrapped with very nice wrappers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tenya - Japanese "Yong Tau Foo" [Closed/ Relocated?]

Today went shopping at Citylink Mall. Drop by Raffles Shopping Centre for lunch. I went to the food court at 3rd level and saw this stall selling Japanese Tempura. The unique point is that you can pick and choose the vegetables or seafood that you want to have it tempura like how we choose our Yong Tau Foo. Min 6 pieces for ala carte. The vegetables like shitake mushroom, carrot, pumpkin all cost 60cents each and seafood such as prawn, scallop, white fish cost $1.80 each.

The tempura is not greasy and the batter is light and crisp. Not bad, worth a try. :)

Raffles Shopping Centre
3rd Level foodcourt

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day Celebration

Happy Mothers' Day to all MOTHERS!!

Today, went Sengkang to celebrate Mothers' Day. Every mother received a little flower. *LOL* This cake was bought from Bengawan Solo.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandfather's Bday Celebration

9 May 2009 (Saturday): Celebrated my grandfather's birthday at my parents' place. We bought and ordered lots of food. We had fast food, home-cooked food, zi char, cakes, desserts...
Fast Food:
I ordered pizzas from Pizza De France again. The "Sunshine Fantasy" pizza was the most popular one, followed by the BBQ chicken pizza. This time, I ordered the "Cheese Fantasy" pizza but the pizza looked very different from its website.

2nd auntie ordered fried chicken from Arnold at City Plaza.

Arnold's Fried Chicken

So many buns.. we dipped them into the curry gravy from the fish head curry instead.
Zi Char:
My dad bought many packets of Zi Char...

Fish Head with Mixed Vegetables
Curry Fish Head

Roasted Duck

My 4th aunt made these dumplings..

Think my mum cooked these...

and here is my little contribution other than the pizzas...
Oops... forgot the colouring. But my youngest cousin Krystal liked to eat them :) My granny also gave me my support... Haha..
5th aunt also made some cakes and desserts.
Last but not least, we bought a small little chocolate cake from Prima Deli.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beef Cup Noodles from Taiwan

My parents went Taiwan with my 2nd aunt and grandma. Guess what they bought for me and Francis.....

BEEF CUP NOODLES!!! and so many types!!

They also bought us these...

Are you able to identify the different types of snacks/ tibits here?