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Friday, April 30, 2010

MacDonald's Quarter Pounder

Recently, MacDonald brings back quarter pounder and almost everyday, we will not fail to see advertisement of the quarter pounder on TV or newspaper. They had also invited food bloggers for a food tasting session. As I was doing my regular reading of my favourite food blogs: Keropok Man and Camemberu, their blog post on the quarter pounder made me crave for the beefy burger immediately.  Without much hesitation, I picked up my phone to call MacDelivery!! 

I ordered the Quarter Pounder Meal at $7.20 and also an apple pie for the following breakfast.

Actually, I felt that the quarter pounder is not really that huge and a glutton like me can finish it up quite easily.  Craving for Quarter Pounder anyone?
 If you have craving for Mac now, simply call 6777 3777 or navigate to MacDonald's delivery website for your meal to be delivered right at your doorstep! Delivery charge is $3. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When I feel lazy....

This is what I usually prepare when I feel lazy to go out and have a decent meal, and especially now when hubby is in US.  Butterhead Lettuce, Cheese, Honey Mustard, Chicken Burger

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Circle Line - Kallang Leisure Park, Millenia Walk

Made a date with my parents again on Sunday. Met them at Kallang Leisure Park as I would like to take the train down to Stadium MRT to have a look.
Looking up from the bottom
and  looking down from the top :)
Towards the exit and took the sheltered walkway to Kallang Leisure Park
Told my parents to take MRT from their place too (their place is near to another MRT very nearby) but dad still drove over :( Reached there at around 12.30pm and we walked around the shopping mall for a decent restaurant. However, nothing caught our eyes. Although there are quite a few restaurants, but most of the restaurants are not very crowded and we guessed probably the food was not too good. At the end, we went to Koufu instead. In fact, Koufu foodcourt at Kallang Leisure Park has a good variety of stalls eg. Jap, Korean, Indian, famouse Hokkien Mee etc. Mum ordered from the Korean stall and she had the grilled Saba. Dad ordered Tandori chicken with naan. I just ordered a simple bowl of Katsu Don.
After lunch, we decided to take train to Promenade MRT station to go to Parco Marina at Millenia Walk.  Before leaving, I took some snapshots of the exhibits displayed at the 1st level.  These exhibits were from MovieMania.  Are you able to identify all the movie characters??
Dad drove us to airport road to park his car first before we all took the train to Promenade MRT from Dakota.
Interior of Dakota MRT station
Interior centre piece at Promenade MRT station.  Look like ultra big tear drops. 
Millenia Walk... Colourful ceiling
Many Japanese restaurants at Parco Marina.... will be back!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Kopitiam

Parents came to fetch me out for dinner on Saturday. They decided to go to the airport. We went to T3 Kopitiam and the place was pretty crowded but we still manage to get a table quite fast. I ordered Bak Kut Teh and the soup was peppery type which I like. It was even more "shiok" to have this on a rainy day.
Mum ordered a big bun with quite generous filling inside.
After dinner, we did a bit of shopping and there was a sales corner.  I bought myself a nice pair of Crocs which I will wear them very often especially these few days when the weather is rainy :)
Carpark at the airport is cheaper than what I had thought.  For weekend, from 6 to 9pm (3 hours), it is $2.50.  So have to make sure you come after 6pm! However, don't come too late for dinner otherwise you will have to join the snaking queue at most of the restaurants and eateries.

Changi Aiport Terminal 3
B2 Mall Kopitiam

Saturday, April 17, 2010

JHK Kitchen @ Pasir Ris East Community Club


I always like to start a good weekend morning with a good breakfast. However, hubby always sleep late on weekends and by the time he wakes up, it is already lunch time :( Now, while he is still in US and nobody really control my diet, I make it a point to have a decent breakfast on every weekend. However, I am lazy to go too far to have breakfast. Good thing is that there are many eateries near my place and I have many options of breakfast every weekend. Yesterday, I decided to go to June's Hong Kong Kitchen at the community club to have a $5 breakfast set.  I reached there around 10am and there was no other customer.  Usually, the place is not very crowded but sometimes when there are some CC activities, then it can get pretty packed.  Sometimes you can even find the Tibetian monks at the temple nearby patronizing this restaurant at the community centre.

My $5 breakfast set consist of a plate of vegetarian bee hoon, Har Gow (prawn dumplings) and a cup of milk tea.  I didn't quite like the Har Gow, the skin is too thick.  Next time, I will stick to my favourite beancurd rolls or their custard buns.
They serve basically 2 types of breakfast set.  The only difference between the 2 sets are the choice of century egg and minced meat porridge or vegetarian bee hoon.  They have a variety of dim sums and for the set, you can choose any one stated in the menu.  A nice change from the normal Mac Big Breakfast.

JHK Kitchen
1 Pasir Ris Drive 4
#01-00 Pasir Ris East Community Club

Healthy Cooking Workshop

My school Staff Well Being Committee (SWBC) organized a healthy cooking workshop on 16 April, Friday afternoon. We learnt 2 very simple to prepare dishes:  1)  Rujak Serut and 2)  Fruit Crumble

Preparing the sauce.  We heated it for a longer period of time so that the sauce will be thicker.
Pour the sauce over the shredded veggies, we got this which was very appetizing.
After 40 minutes in the oven, it was time to check out the fruit crumble in the oven
The fruit crumble had diced green apple, banana and pineapple inside.
Will post the recipe here once I got it from the F&N teacher :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ban Heong Seng Restaurant @ JB

A very short trip to JB on Saturday. Left Singapore at 3pm as my 3rd auntie had to work till 2pm that day. Gathered at Ah Ma's house and set off to JB in 2 cars. We went Jusco first and my aunties could spend almost half an hour at the bakery shop! One of my aunties is taking up a course on bread making and thus she was sort of "exploring" the different types of bread that the bakery was selling. Out of the 3 bakeries at Jusco, we all think that Lavender is the best. Remember last time I blogged about the charcoal bread, now they have more charcoal products eg. charcoal doughnut, charcoal mochi. Think they also specialized in bread with red beans. I bought the sesame with red bean bread. I thought it looked very unique then asked my mum whether she wanted to get one too. But she said the bread looked ugly and she didn't want. Then I realized my other 3 aunties all got the same bread, and they bought many of them, not just one! Then my mum also went to get one in the end *lol*

We didn't have time to do shopping because we made reservation for dinner at 6pm. We went to that ulu beggar chicken place again. My dad over-ordered, 8 dishes for 9 people! Also, you can see mostly are meat eg. beggar chicken, beggar duck, pork ribs, pork trotters. Ordered those speciality dishes that we previously ordered too like the "fish", glutinous rice and the soup for our aunties to try. Photos taken using IPhone, resolution very poor :( Hubby took my camera to US so I will either use DSLR or IPhone to take photos for the next few weeks.

Click here for photos of other food that we had ordered :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yumen Hut @ Downtown East

I got to know about this shop from a Channel U variety show. The owner of Yumen Hut owned a noodle factory and if I am not wrong, he also invented the 2-ply noodles. The noodles are very colourful (green, yellow, orange etc) as they are made of different coloured vegetable extract such as carrot, spinach, pumpkin.  His noodles are all made of 100% vegetable extract with no artifical colour and preservative.  Thus, if you are on a healthy diet, you can come here more often. Price is very affortable, range from $3.80 to $4.50 per dish. To our muslim friends, this stall is also halal certified.

I ordered the pumpkin noodles in pasta sauce. Frankly speaking, I would prefer my spaghetti in pasta sauce as it is more "q". Anyway, here is my plate of pumpkin noodle with very simple ingredients that you can prepare it yourself at home:

You can cook your own healthy noodles by buying the dry noodles "Oodles" which come in 3 delicious flavours: sesame and pandan, soya and pumpkin , spinach and paprika and bring them home to cook in your own style!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toku Toku @ Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town (Tampines 1)

Went to Tampines 1 during one of the lazy afternoon at around 4pm when there wasn't any meeting or extra lesson. Haven't had my lunch and I decided to go for some simple one dish meal at Manpuku as I was dining alone. There wasn't any crowd at all and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a $6.50 meal promotion for every stall on selected items. As usual, after going through the food hall one round, I decided to settle on Tempura Udon at "Toku Toku".
I like the tempura prawns, lightly battered, not overcooked and hard like those sold at food court
For $6.50, I think this is passable.  But if they go back to original price at around $12, then I don't think they will have much business to talk about.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Day at the Museums....."Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt" / Dinner at LavaRock @ Hougang

4 April 2010 (Sun):  Read from and got to know about this great happening!
Free entry to National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Peranakan Museum and Singapore Philatelic Museum in celebration of the opening of the Circle Line!  Another perk from the National Museum is free entry to "Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt" Exhibition, happened to be the last day too.  Out of the 4 museums, we spent one whole day at 3 museums....
Our first stop - National Museum of Singapore
We reached the place at around 10am, went to the Egypt exhibition first and were happy that there was no queue.  We were allowed to use camera but no flash was allowed.
Sphinx of Amenhotep III
This statue portrays the king as a sphinx.  The royal cartouches engraved on his chest contains elements of his title.
Statue of the God Horus and King Horemheb
Horemheb was believed to be an eaerly incarnation of the god Horus.  He sits next to god Horus.  Horus is the god of the sky or sun, is depicted with a human body and the head of a falcon.
Mummy of Nes-Khons in cartonnage cover Mummy.
Nes-Khons a noblewoman of the 21 Dynasty died between 25 to 35 years old.  X-rays and scans have revealed that 2 other bodies contained within the covering and placed between her legs.  These were 2 infants who died just before or after birth, and may be twins.
Mummification was not to preserve a person's body as it had been in life but to create a new body that could last for eternity.
The body was taken to the ibu or Tent of Purification to be washed in a solution of natron (a natural salt that acts as a drying agent by absorbing water) in water to delay decomposition.
The following are "Canopic Jars" that store internal organs that had undergone special treatments.

When we walked out from the exhibition hall, we were shocked to see such a long queue outside and the queue actually went up to the next level. 
After that, we explored the other exhibition halls of the museum.
Will continue my museums trip in another post
Very value-for-money western fare at Hougang neighbourhood coffeeshop.  Good service, Good food too!  :)
For $8.80, I got a hotplate herbed fish with 2 side dishes, a big bowl of thick mushroom soup and a fondue for dessert!  Wow!!
Dad ordered fried rice with pork chop and egg