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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Social Painting at Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)

I was supposed to meet my friend, Lijuan at 4.45pm for an early dinner at 313 before we went for the painting session which will start at 6pm. We bought the deal from Groupon at $88 for 2 painting sessions.  However, I was late and reach 313 around 5.15pm. Thus, I told my friend to find a dinner venue first before I joined her. When I reached 313 somerset, it seemed that almost every restaurant had a long queue even it was still quite early. Lijuan messaged me that she found a seat at the Old Malaya Cafe which was at B3 of the building.  There was no queue here and in fact, there were still quite a number of empty seats.  Since we were rushing for time, we quickly settled here and ordered our food.

At Arteastiq.....
Painting materials were all provided for us, including unlimited use of acrylic paint.
We could flip through their reference books and photocopy (in colour) the one that we wanted to paint. I chose this colourful painting.....
So I started to outline the drawing.... on my own.  Although there was an instructor there, but I felt she was not very helpful.  She only talked to me twice.  First, she "taught" me how to put the paint on the palette and mix a bit of water to the paint.  Second time, she told me I was too slow, need to paint faster a bit.  Very helpful huh?

 My friend's painting of an owl.
My product after the 3-hour session.  Frankly speaking, I felt that 3 hours were not quite enough for me to do a decent painting, especially this one with so many colours.
They will help you to pack your canvas painting in this cardboard carrier.
I still have a second session to go.  That will be a new canvas and new painting.  Hmmm... what should I draw next?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dinner at JB Taman Tebrau

Before we headed back to Singapore from our short 3D2N Malacca trip, we stopped by Johor Bahru to have our dinner.  

Taman Tebrau, Ikan Bakar Stall 59 
 Large glass of sugar cane drink from the drink stall just opposite.
 Cereal Crayfish!!  Our favourite!  Yum Yum!
 Sambal Stingray

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 3: A Morning at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka MegaMall

Morning breakfast at the hotel itself.
 After that, we took a walk towards the shopping mall.

 A shop that many girls would love! 
 Back to our hotel for checking-out.  After that, we headed to JB for an early dinner.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Royal China @ Raffles Hotel

Had a birthday celebration for a friend at Royal China.  Being the more "Kiasu" lot, we went before 11am (first seating) but of course, we had made an advanced reservation.

Tiffany blue interior.
Our table setting.
We ordered a glass of lychee peach tea each.
Lean meat and century egg congee
Siew Mai with flat-leaf parsley and wolfberry on top as decor.  ($4.80)
Chee Cheong Fun - 3 rolls, each with different fillings of prawns, scallops and char siew.
Steamed layered cake with salted egg yolk custard.  Very nice pesentation and looks appetizing.  However, a pity that I ate this when it was cold.  Better to eat it immediately once it has been served. 
Steamed prawn dumpling or Har Gow ($4.80). 
Mini Egg Tarts
Char Siew Puff
Custard Buns
The custard buns here are the best!!!
Barbequed pork buns ($3.60)
Shanghai Pan-Fried buns
Fried Beancurd Roll
Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf ($4.80)

Overall, we find the the dim sums were good and really value-for-money, with most of the items below $5.  Some of my friends were considering coming here again to celebrate Mothers' Day.

Other than dim sum, we also ordered.....
Pork ribs
Peking Duck
with caviar....

Suckling Pig with peanuts
Cake for the birthday gal from "Awfully Chocolate" (Raffles City)
We took our group photo when the 3 kids were still playing around.
Happy Birthday to Sam! :)
There you are, the 3 adorable kids.
Royal China
Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Tel: 6338 3363