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Monday, August 17, 2015

llao llao @ Plaza Singapura

Our first time having llao llao.  Ordered Sanum ($6.95) - Yoghurt with banana, dragonfruit, strawberry (3 choices of fruit), caramelized sunflower seeds, muesli (2 crunches) and topped with rum and raisin sauce.  Verdict:  Too sweet for me!  Friends from IG recommended raffaello sauce. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ArtScience Museum - The Deep

ArtScience Museum offered free admision over the jubilee weekend (7 - 9 Aug 2015).  We went on the first day and being the "kiasu" ones, we reached around 9.45am before the museum opens at 10am.  However, we were not the first of course.  There was already a long queue by the time we reached there.

 Fortunately, we only queued for around 15 minutes under the hot sun to gain entry to the museum.  Not too bad!  :)
 We were told to take the lift up to the Singapore Stories exhibition first as the other two exhibitions at B2 were very crowded.

The Deep Exhibition...