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Sunday, July 20, 2014

E'spuma Lab @ PoMo - Premium Dishes at Affordable Prices

E'spuma Lab sounds rather clinical, like a nice name for an aesthetic clinic.  Well, it is actually a new dining option (opened in 21 March 2014) located at the newly renovated PoMo shopping mall that focus on two main cooking techniques in its dishes - Espuma and Sous Vide at pocket-friendly prices!  
I have not been to PoMo for almost 5 years!  The last time I came here was with my hubby to celebrate his birthday at Ju Ju Hokkaido Hotpot (closed) way back in 2009!  This is the new look of the PoMo building.
E'spuma Lab is located near to the entrance to the mall at level 1.  It has a very clean look and the machine and equipments for sous vide and espuma are clearly visible at the shopfront.  The dining outlet has just been awarded an "A" grade for food hygiene and cleanliness by NEA. 
Espuma means foam or froth in Spanish.  It is a culinary technique where by an espuma siphon is used to infuse air into the food to create an airily light mouthfeel, giving it a lighter texture.
We were introduced to the team behind E'spuma. 
Afterwhich, Mr Andrew Koh, the marketing and Communications Director at E'spuma Lab Pte Ltd gave us an opening speech.
Before the start of the food tasting session, Chef Teo Yeow Siang gave us a live E'spuma Culinary Demonstration.

He demonstrated to us the use of E'spuma onto this dish which I got to try later.

 Canister equipped with air cartridges.
Used cartridges from the canisters which you can pick from the counter as a souvenir if you want.

How about Sous Vide?  This should be a more familiar term to many of us.  For this cooking technique, the meat is vacuum-packed and cooked at a constant temperature using a thermal circulator that you see here.  It will help to control the "doneness" of the meat, especially for thicker or uneven cuts of meats which are difficult to ensure consistency.  This technique also helps to ensure better cooked eggs without the need to use kitchen timer.
  This was one of my favourite dishes: - 
(All-Day Breakfast)
Sous Vide Eggs with Smoked Norwegian Salmon 
(Topped with Crispy Salmon Skin and Ginger Soyu ($3.80)
It was surprising how the different textures of the runny eggs, crispy salmon skin and smoked salmon could blend so well together, and it definitely left me craving for more!  I have always liked the traditional soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast but I think it is good to have a change once in a while.  New breakfast idea?  Mini french baguettes can be requested to be served with this for an additional dollar.
 Sauteed Mushrooms with E'spuma Potato Foam, served with mini french baguettes ($6.80)
Generous servings of mushroom chunks were served with the E'spuma potato foam.  The potato foam is like a lighter version of mashed potato and it is very smooth too. Although the dish was a bit salty to eat on its own but I think it will go very well with the mini french baguettes that will be served with it.  We were not served with baguette during the tasting session as we had other main courses to try and we didn't want to fill up our stomach so fast!
Sam tried their Curry Chicken with E'spuma Potato Foam.  In their menu, you can find fusion dishes such as our local delight curry chicken, beef rendang served with variations of E'spuma sauce.
Sam also had Fragrant Rice Served with Cajun Chicken Leg and E'spuma Curry Sauce.
For me, I ordered Fragrant Rice Served with Pan Seared Sou Vide Chicken Breast and E'spuma Pesto Sauce.  The chicken breast was really very evenly cooked as a result of sou vide cooking method and was pan seared to give a slight crispy.  On first look, I thought the rice looked like nasi briyani with raisins but it actually tasted like our fragrant chicken rice.
Very smooth texture of the chicken breast meat as you can see here.  Yummy!
Pauline had a tasting portion of Spaghetti with Swedish Meatballs (Beef) and E'spuma Caramelized Onion Sauce.  The actual portion is much bigger at an affordable price of ($6.80).  The sauce is served at the side so it is up to individual customer to decide how much sauce they want to mix in their food.
For snacks, we tried the recommended E'spuma Batter D24 Durian Fritters ($3.80 for 5 pieces).  Below shows the tasting portion.  It had an inner texture that seems like "Goreng Pisang" (Banana Fritters) and the batter was light with a slight crispy.  The E'spuma battered fritters were non-greasy and so you can have them take-away conveniently too!
Their main course is available at a very affordable price and prices stated on the menu are Nett price ie no GST and Service Charge!  I think students from nearby SMU and SOTA are in for a treat!

Thanks E'spuma Lab and Mileage Communications for this food tasting session.  It was fun and we got to learn more about the culinary techniques using Espuma and Sous Vide!

E'spuma Lab
1 Selegie Road, #01-20/21, PoMo Mall
Singapore 188306
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat: 11am to 9pm, closed on Sun
Tel: 8222 1113

Friday, July 18, 2014

BBQ by the Beach 2014, Palawan Beach Sentosa

I was very lucky to win a pair of tickets to BBQ by the Beach 2014 on 18 Jul (Fri) which was held at Palawan Beach, Sentosa.  This was held in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2014.  Thanks Avinology for the great giveaway!  My makan kaki, Pauline, accompanied me to this food event.

We reached the place around 6.40pm when the sun was up and the sky still blue.  The setup of the place was beautiful and we saw the sand-sculpted "sofa".
 We were assigned to this sculptured sand table and seats.  They were reinforced with wooden boards beneath.
 We were quite excited and went around checking the place and took photos!
 A whole carcass Australian lamb being roasted.
 This was the main buffet line.

  Traditional Hawaiian underground barbeque pit - ‘Imu‘ was used to cook the stingrays, squids and prawns.

 We were served with a complimentary oyster plant drink which was served in a LED light-up glass.  Mine was lit up with blue LED and Pauline got a red one.

I took BBQ Stingray with Sambal and Chin Chia Lok, a few sticks of satays, beef rump, lamb meat, otah and corn for the first round.
 Enjoying the beautiful evening sky as the sun set.


 My second plate of food.  I loved the beef rump and lamb meat.  The BBQ chicken wings were tasty and the grilled vegetables were sweet.
 There were also exciting fire twirling performances to enhance our dining experience at the beach.

 I only took a bowl of cold Chng Thng  to end off the meal.  They also served Bread and Butter pudding, Pulut Hitam and warm Bobo Cha Cha for desserts.  However, I was too full to try them out.

It was a nice and enjoyable evening spent with good company and sumptuous BBQ food in a special sand-dining setting.  :)

BBQ by the Beach
Event dates: 18 and 19 July 2014 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Location: Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Pricing: Adult – $79 to $99, Child – $29 to $39 (Aged five to ten)
Online reservation: