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Sunday, July 26, 2015

SG50 Fun Pack

Every Singapore household will get a SG50 fun pack this year.  We just got ours last week and I like the design of the tote bag.  We also got the figurine of Singa the Courtesy Lion in policeman uniform.  These are probably the only 2 items that I like from the fun pack but I am still thankful for this nice gesture from our government.

There are altogether 15 different designs for the Singa figurines.  If you are interested, the full set of Singa figurines can be purchased at The Kindness Gallery (140 Hill Street, #01- 09, Singapore 179369) from July onwards. They will available for sale individually as well as in a collector’s box set.  Proceeds of the sale will go to the Singapore Kindness Movement’s Seed Kindness Fund. 

On a side note, I managed to get a pair of preview tickets for NDP at the floating platform next week through balloting so we will be getting 2 more NDP fun packs!!!  
Looking forward to the event!  :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sisters' Island Marine Park Intertidal Walk - July 2015

I was very happy to secure a slot for two to join the introductory intertidal guided walk at Sisters' Island Marine Park.  We were to report at Marina South Pier at 6.50am but we went there much earlier, at around 6.30am to secure a parking lot.

At around 6.30am at Marina South Pier...

 Big Sister's Island
Upon reaching the island, we had a quick safety briefing by Collin and then we were split into 4 groups, with each group around 10 members.  We got Adriane, a volunteer as our guide.
 We saw many monkeys on the islands.  Never feed them or let them see your food!  They can get aggressive and snatch your food from you!  

 Moon Snail.

 Land Hermit Crab... Purplish!

 Common Starfish.

 Garlic Bread Sea Cucumber

Beaded Sea Anemone.

 Hairy Crab.

Sand Collar, egg case of the Moon Snail.  These are unhatched eggs.
 There is a pair of sea moths (a type of fish) in this photo but you will really need to strain your eyes to see them.

 Just opposite is the Small Sister's Island.
 Our group photo (Credit:  Sisters' Island Facebook page)
The next round of registration will open on 2 Aug 10am for booking of a free guided tour in September.  Do refer to this website for more details: