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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ampang Yong Tau Foo

The Yong Tau Foo is served with soup. The types of yong tau foo they will serve you are standard ones. You just need to tell them it is to serve how many person. For me, I requested not to include the chilli yong tau foo.

Other than the crispy ones on top, the rest not really that memorable. I prefer all the yong tau foo to be deep fried then the sauce to be poured over them. But what make yong tau foo Ampang? This one I am not so sure.. Any expert here to explain?

Pizza De France

Had a simple gathering at my place today. Decided to try out the pizzas from "Pizza De France" since I heard some good review on this pizza delivery outlet. We ordered triple treats - 3 regular pizzas $34 and we all felt that the pizzas were good and we would definitely order from them again.

Sushine Fantasy

De France

BBQ Chicken

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nihon Mura @ EHub! Downtown East

Today, I met up with ex-student SS & XY for lunch. Arranged to meet them at 11.30am. When SS and I reached the place, we realized that the operating hour starts from 12pm so the two of us just walked around EHub while waiting for XY to come. 11.50am, we went up to the restaurant and I asked them whether we could go in. The reply was yes and we went into the restaurant.

We were the only customers there and the waiter took some time to explain about the ordering system in this restaurant. For ala carte, we had to do a bit of "shopping" around the restaurant. There were some display of photos of the food with the price and next to these display, you could find the food name on wooden sticks. See the food that you fancy, pick up the sticks with its name and hand it to the waiter. They also have buffet lunch which includes all you can eat sushi and many other items. We will be served for buffet. Each pax $22++.

I thought of ordering ala carte because I didn't feel like eating too much. Thus, told the waiter that we would take 2 buffet and for me, I would order ala carte. However, it was quite smart for them to persuade me to take the buffet instead. I also understood their rationale as it will be difficult for them to track that I would not "sampler" food from the buffet side. Ok.. 3 buffets then.

Fried stuffs

Salmon Hotstone

Potato Salad

Sashimi and Scallops

Agedashi Tofu

Chicken Teriyaki


In case you are wondering what this is.... It is tempura unagi handroll!

Butter Scallops.. I like these :)

Shitake mushroom yaki

My desserts.. Mochi, Cheesecake, Brownie

Green Tea Ice-Cream, with a cute little oreo biscuit on top

We had a long lunch.. Around 2.40pm, the waitress asked for our last order but we knew we exceeded the time for lunch already. Anyway, we were really very full and so I asked for the bill. We got a very long receipt, showing all the items we ordered. Altogether, we ordered 27 items! Of course, not all the food are shown here.. we ate much more! *LOL*