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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pizza Hut ~ Pasta Perfetto!

24 Aug 2010 (Tue):  This was the first time I attended a food tasting session. Prior to this, I had received a few invites but got to give them a miss due to work schedule.  As I am staying and working in the far East of Singapore, it was quite difficult for me to go to town during weekdays.  However, last Tuesday, as I got to attend a meeting at town area till 5 plus, I accepted the invite as I had no problem reaching Suntec on time at 6.30pm for the session.

Most of the invited bloggers were already there when I reached Pizza Hut.  Actually, I was not very sure what to expect from this session and I just went there with an open mind, to gain some experience :)

The staff took our order for our drinks first before the food was being served.  The highlights of the evening were the 2 types of parchment pasta.  Was really priviledged to be one of the first to savor Pizza Hut’s upcoming Parchment Pasta.  The "secret" ingredient is the Paper...  which is to allow the pasta to absorb the flavour of the ingredients and of course, the very flavoursome sauce.  This reminds me of the way how baked herbal chicken, those wrapped in paper is also prepared using the same concept.  However, presentation wise, pizza hut is a bit more creative.  What is the purpose of this clothes peg imprinted with "Pizza Hut - Pasta Perfetto" on it?

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Presenting Pizza Hut's Char-grilled Chicken Parchment Pasta ($11.90)
Hoho... I am going to unwrap the "present"!  Hope it will be a pleasant surprise!!  :D
Hot! Open with care!
We were served with a full portion of the pasta.  I was really surprised as I thought we would be given a small portion of the different types of pasta to sample.  The presentation of the dish was good, nice colours of the different ingredients (chicken, turkey bacon, button mushrooms, red capsicum) all blended in together and it certainly looked very appetizing.
This pasta was really very cheesy and creamy.  Very strong flavour.
Next, we were being served...
the Spicy Seafood Parchment Pasta ($12.90)
We were warned beforehand that this one was gonna to be spicy.  Chili padis were added to the tomato sauce and upon the first bite, I could felt my tongue numbed.  Quite spicy in my opinion but some of them felt it was still not spicy enough.  The linguine was served with 3 mussels, 3 prawns and a few squid rings.  The portion was really generous and I felt guilty that I couldn't finish up the whole dish.  They could have just served us half the portion for each type of pasta.  :D
This pasta was not presented like this, the ingredients were sort of hidden inside the pasta and I had arranged them nicely on top of the linguini so that I could take a nicer photo.  It was quite an messy affair to unwrap this one with the sauce "splattered" on the paper.  Although a bit messy in presentation, I prefer this pasta over the first one.  Shiok! 
Before we started our main course of the 2 types of pasta, we were generously fed with salads and starters
Seafood Tofu Salad (S$6.90)
Chicken Riblets
Note:  Actual serving is 4 pieces ($5.80)
One of us thought these were pork ribs... Haha.. Pizza Hut is halal-certified, no pork here definitely.
Big delicious chunk of Chicken Meat... Yummy!
All-time-favourite:  Hut's Platter
After a super duper heavy meal, we were served with desserts - A Tale of 2 Temptations
Savoury-sweet brownie cheesecake paired with sinfully rich banana choco mousse cake drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Most of us at the table preferred the banana choco mousse cake. However, it was a real pity that we were all too full to enjoy the richness of the cakes.

Game for one more pasta?
Just kidding!  No pasta inside but these.... taken from the pizza hut goodie bag given to each of us :)
Thanks Nuffnang and Pizza Hut for this great food tasting session!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 4 - Shatin (New Town Plaza, Snoopy's Town, Dim Sum Lunch at Dunho)

On the 4th day in Hong Kong, I had arranged to meet up with my ex-student who is a Hongkonger at Shatin. Before going to Shatin, I made my way to the Australia Dairy Company for breakfast.  I wanted to order the scambled egg toast but I ordered wrongly, ended up having this.
Taking a train to Shatin.  Can choose first class cabin but I just opt for the normal ride since it was just a super short ride.
There is a Snoopy Town at the topmost level in New Town Plaza.  It is just a children's playground.  While waiting for my student, I took many photos of Snoopy Town to kill time.
Went to a Chinese Resturant with my student for Dim Sum!!  These dim sums were good and cheap!