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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn, Marutama Ramen @ The Central

After the open doors kitchen tour at King Albert's park, I suggested to hubby to go to The Central as there was some Mid-Autumn food fair and lighting there.  Photos taken by the river when the sky was still bright.
In most major Chinese festival celebration, we can always find the animal horoscope.

2011 - Year of the Rabbit

Food Fair

A weird uncle dancing some awkward dance steps, asking for donation *Faint*

Performance by a China troupe
Hubby preferred to go to a proper place for dinner.  I wanted to try Santouka but the queue was ridiculously long even though it was hidden at a very isolated corner in the shopping mall.  Thus, our alternative was Marutama Ramen, which had a shorter queue.
At Marutama, they serve chicken-based stock.  Not much variety in the menu so that you should not spending too much time in deciding what to order.
I ordered the Nama Karashi Ramen (Spicy).  Do not be deceive by the colour of the broth (Same as the non-spicy version).  The few sips were really quite powerful until my tongue was numb.  Haha...
I love the Chashu which was those melt-in-the-mouth type. 
We ordered dumplings for one of our side dishes, quite nice too.
The ajitsuke tamago ($1 each), by far was the best tasting soft-boiled egg that I ever had.  It was beautifully done and sweet to taste. :)
Stewed pork was a bit disappointing.  The meat was a bit tough.
Some photos taken by the river at night.
The same horse....
and the same dragon.... Haha..

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to All!  >_<

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365days2play said...

Mmmmm havent' been back to Marutama for a long time! It's my favourite ramen place!