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Monday, September 26, 2011

High-Tea Buffet @ Marriott Cafe

High-Tea buffet with Sam, Pauline, Jiaming & family

- We bought the discount voucher from

- Original price of the buffet is around $45 but we paid $31 nett, inclusive of free flow of soft drinks/ juices/ coffee/ tea.

- As Marriott Cafe is currently undergoing renovation, the buffet venue is shifted to 2nd level (outside their function rooms) during this period. During our meal, we saw a bride and her guests walking past our cafe. Guess they wanted to go to the lobby from their function room?

- Not too sure whether my expectation is too high, but was rather disappointed with the high-tea buffet spread. Maybe they should have more varieties of fanciful desserts, sandwiches, pastries and cakes for hi-tea instead focusing on local fare.


FoodieFC said...

Good to hear honest opinion about the variety of food. Can I check, hows the seafood (oyster, prawns). fresh?

Miso said...

Just average. I only ate a plate of oyster and prawns. Seriously, I don't think the buffet is worth the original price.

Siewye Wong said...

There is a deal for Marriott buffet being offered at the moment at :)

Here;s the link: