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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kims Family @ Lorong Kilat

I suggested to hubby to go Lorong Kilat for dinner as I had read up many food blogs mentioning about this place. We chose this Korean family restaurant. At about 5.50pm, there were still empty tables. About 15 minutes past 6pm, the crowds started to flood in and thus, reservation is recommended.
Their walls were all nicely scribbled by the customers who had visted the restaurant.  However, they didn't give us a marker, if not, I could also put up my masterpiece here =P
How many side dishes did they serve us?
Including 1 whole small fish!
Hubby asked me whether we should keep the ones that we wanted and returned them those that we didn't want.  Haha... I replied him that each side dish cost $1, must finish them all up.  Of course, I was just joking along with him.  I also didn't know whether we need to pay for the side dishes.. but definitely it is not nice to ask them to take back the side dishes.  We looked around at the other tables, they all had so many side dishes on their table.
I wonder if I were to dine there alone, I just order an ala-carte dish, will they also serve me 13 side dishes for me?  =P
Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17)
The soup was not salty as they didn't add in any salt.  Thus, it was pure ginseng taste and I thought it was nice, very authentic (If you don't mind the bitterness).  I needed this as for the past few days, I felt tired easily so I guess this was a good nourishment.  Inside the chicken, they stuffed in glutinous rice as well but I didn't quite like that.  I just took the soup and the chicken meat.
Kimchi Pancake ($10)
This kimchi pancake was very tasty, could feel the krunchy kimchi.  However, it came in very late, about half and hour later when all our side dishes and chicken soup were served.  Initially, we thought that they had forgotten our order.  When it was served on our table, we were already so full and we didn't even manage to finish up the chicken :(  In the end, we could only finish up half the pancake... So wasteful right?  Thus, next time, must come with a bigger group to minimize food wastage. 
After we finished our food, they also served us a small cup of ginger tea each and 2 slices of watermelon.  :)
Hubby went to the counter to pay for the bill and I asked him how much the side dishes cost.
ALL FREE! and also NO SERVICE CHARGE for such wonderful service.
After meal, we took a walk to Beauty World Shopping Centre. 


Anonymous said...

You post is the final straw that is pushing me over the edge! I keep seeing this wonderful spread of side dishes that makes eating there so worthwhile!

Lovely blog btw :) And I'm going to make it a point to try this place soon!

Miso said...


Make sure you don't go there on your own! Will be good if you go with more pple then you can try out more food :)
Have linked you to my blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Miso! Thanks for the add! I'm new to blogspot so I'm still figuring it out, will link you once I settle it!

Ohoh I realised you linked my livejournal, could you change it to the blogspot one? ( that is the proper food blog :)

Many thanks! And yes I'm craving bibimbap now mmm!