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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Private Screening Event: Korean Drama "Hero" @ The Screening Room

I was privileged to be invited to an exclusive private screening of a high-budget Korean Superhero action drama series HERO at The Screening Room on Thursday, 30 Aug 2012.  

HERO premiered as the number one programme in its timeslot among all cable channels in Korea in March 2012.  
This ten-episode Korean action drama series is set in a fictional future where South Korea has gone bankrupt and its cities are crime-ridden and corrupt.  HERO centers on a bad boy by the name of Heuk Chul (award-winning actor Yang Dong Geun) who is the son of the mayor of one of these crime-ridden cities.  When Heuk Chul gets caught in the middle of a police sting, he ends up taking a bullet fired at the beautiful detective Ih-Ohn (Han Chae Ah).  The serious injury causes Kim to fall into a coma and the only way to save him is to inject him with untested nanotechnology.

Upon recovering from his near-death experience, Heuk Chul discovers that he possesses the superhuman ability to heal himself and regenerate.  In the meantime, the dark truths of corruption that plagues the city begin to unfold before his eyes.  Realizing the truth, Heuk Chul decides to use this new-found ability to fight against evil and make things right in this chaotic world.

Lead actor:  Yang Dong Geun
Lead Actress:  Han Chae Ah
As I was allowed to bring a friend along for this event, I invited my Multiply friend, Pauline to accompany me.  We reached The Screening Room at around 7pm.
We took the staircase up to the 2nd level and I really like the decor of the staircase area.

There were already quite a number of bloggers in the room as I walked into the studio.  There was a handsome young man and pretty young lady who were around to take photos with us.  Some props were also provided for us.
Me and the handsome hero:
Me and Pauline with the 2 models:
The organizers were very efficient to print out a copy of our photo for each of us before the show started.  Thank you so much! :)
After the photo-taking session, we proceeded to grab some food, mainly middle-eastern cusine such as dolmah and shish.  For the western fare, there were mini Wagyu Beef Burger served as well.  

The organizer giving some intro and details about the show and up-coming shows at Celestial movies.

We watched the first two episodes during this private screening event and just these two episodes alone, which incurred a hefty US$1 million production budget, really set my adrenalin rushing, along with humour that really kept me entertained and glued to my seat throughout the show.  Actually, I was rather tired after work but this show actually kept me more awake!  :)  I would love to catch the rest of the episodes soon!
We didn't leave after the show but we stayed on as there was a Q&A session and vouchers were to be won if you could answer the questions correctly. Some of the winners here with the handsome hero:
One blogger was being "saboed" to pose like a hero.
It was a fun event and we left the place at around 9.30pm.
These were the wonderful HERO premiums that we got from the event.  

When and Where to catch this drama on Celestial Movies?

HERO premieres exclusively on Celestial Movies on 3rd September and will air everyday from Monday to Friday at 8pm, with an encore telecast at 10.45pm, on 

-  SingTel mio TV CH 52 

-  Starhub Cable TV CH 868.
Starhub subscribers can also enjoy and exclusive HERO marathon featuring the first five episodes of the show on 9th and 16th September, 1pm – 6pm

Celestial Movies will also be made FREE for viewing from 8th – 10th September as well.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Robin from Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) and Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE) for inviting us to this exclusive screening event.

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