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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Night Lights 2011

Hubby and I managed to catch the light installations last night (Friday, 2 Sep 2011).  There are a total of 9 outdoor light installations from France and they can be found at SAM, School of the Arts (SOTA), around Singapore Management University (SMU) premises and National Museum of Singapore.  Today will be the last day of the display.  Do catch them if you are free! 

Here are some photos that we took:

Lyrical Perspective (Perspective Lyrique)
Also sound activated.... This reminds me of the movie "Monster House"

Green Invaders - Inspired by the legendary video game
(SMU Campus Green)

A Dozen of Those
This is not part of the light installation but you can find this at the Rotunda, Level 1, National Museum.
You can find 12 large bright orange helium balloons, each held by a faceless brown figure sitting on a boulder.

Park Mad
A row of parked Volvo cars goes crazy!

That is Me sitting under the gigantic "table lamps"
The Fish Tree
A school of magical fish comes to life at SOTA
Last stop: Singapore Art Museum

A nest of luminous jellyfish that rise over the SAM courtyard
Reactive Wall
Visitors can generate more icons which pop up and cover the wall with "noise"
The Cloud (Le Nuage)
See a colourful electrical "cloud" assumin a life of its own


Eileen. 静 said...

I was at the event last saturday ..wanted to watch the show at 1030pm outside the national museum but it was postponed till 11.45pm..too late so didnt stay.. :(

i love those little monsters :)

Miso said...

Last week I was down for election duties so didn't get to go. This weekend, there is no "Corazon de Angeles" performance which I thought is really the main highlight of the festival, only the light installations and the normal exhibits.