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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curry Hopper @ Eastpoint Mall

Went down to Eastpoint Mall for my facial treatment. It had been 4 months since I last visited the spa salon. I had my lunch at the mall before my facial. Quite a number of new restaurants have taken over. I saw BBQ Chicken, Paradize Inn, a Japanese family restaurant and also Curry Hopper.  I ordered their "Cheese Prata".  The order was a bit misleading as this "Cheese Prata" actually meant 1 Egg Prata + 1 Cheese Prata.  I got a slight shock when my prata was being served to me.  They were much bigger than the normal ones that I normally have at the coffeeshop near my place or the Jalan Kayu ones.  You can see the size of the 2 pratas when spread side by side to each other, is almost equivalent to the serving tray. 
The prata was quite good, made of wheat flour and served with fish curry. 

This was indeed a very filling meal for me.  Next time, I shall just order one prata.
Oh yah, Daiso will open at Eastpoint Mall this coming Saturday!  Yay!!


bookjunkie said...

Wow those are really humongous pratas :)

Miso said...

Haha... and I had to finish the 2 pratas all by myself!

Unknown said...

the again, these are not you average coffee-shop prices for the pratas ...