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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Keisuke Tokyo @ Parco Marina Bay (Millenia Walk)

I think I am obsessed with ramen these days.  This was my third bowl of ramen within a week.  After doing IPL at Musee Platinum, it was already around noon and in the moring, I had a Pilates class.  Thus, I was starving!  I craved for something piping hot and soupy.  Didn't want to go too far, I decided to step into Keisuke Tokyo for a bowl of hot ramen.
 It was rather quiet during lunch hour.
A curious boy looking into the kitchen to see the chefs at work 
 You can see a display of their special bowls right at the centre of the restaurant.
 My order - Crab Stock Ramen and Egg ($15.80)
Everything else I selected "normal"

 They provide beansprouts and chopped onions for every table
 After quite a long wait, my ramen finally was served to me.  You can see the the soup was really very thick.  Overall presentation of the bowl of ramen was very nice.  I am not too sure what the the "curly red threads" in the bowl, but they sure added colours to the presentation.  The bowl used seemed to be different from those more spherical ones that I saw in other food blogs.
 Yum Yum...
 The noodles used are the broader and thicker ones.
 I took some beansprouts, very appetizing.

After service charge and GST, the total cost for this bowl of ramen is $18.60, which is steeper than many of its competitors.  I think this meal was worth it for the food and experience.  However, I may not revisit anytime soon as there are still many ramen restaurants in Singapore that I have not tried!  Yes... the famous Santouka and Ippudo are next in my list!

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596


FoodieFC said...


I just ate Ippudo today. It's delicious especially the tamago! I have yet to give Keisuke Tokyo a try. Can I check with you how is the ramen, noticed that each strand seems thick.


Miso said...

Hi FoodieFC, looking forward to yr post on Ippudo.
The noodles are like those lo mee type of noodles. They are thicker n broader, guess this type of noodles used so as to absorb the stronger flavoured crab stock better.