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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Trip to Johor Bahru

We were invited to our friend's baby full month at La Casa (Woodlands).  After a short stay at his place, we decided to drive over to JB again.  Hubby wanted to go Tebrau City to polish his car.  We reached our destination at around 3pm and the traffic was rather smooth.

We saw this restaurant right at the end of the escalator on the 4th level and decided to go in to get some norishing soup.  This place seemed quite popular as it gathered more crowd as compared to the other restaurants.

They also have a shopspace next to the restaurant selling all those Chinese health products.
We both ordered a small pot of chicken soup each.

After our meal, we bought 3 packets of the ingredients used to make soup, including one packet for Bak Kut
Teh from their shop
After some shopping, we also stayed on at Tebrau City for our dinner as our car was not ready yet.  I guess their business was too good.  It took more than 3 hours to polish the car.  We had our dinner at this "Food and Tea" Hong Kong Cafe.  As I was not really hungry yet, I actually ordered Nissin Noodle!  Something that I would not order in S'pore!
Hubby ordered Seafood Baked Rice.

We bought 2 boxes of mooncakes at the mooncake fair just outside Jusco at the basement.  We bought this brand of mooncakes last year too.
4 different flavours! =)


min~* said...

was tang shifu good? :) i wanted to try it but didn't have the stomach space left after a horrendous kenny roger's experience in jb. :/ :)

Miso said...

Yup! Next time you should try! :D