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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Jidi Zhou" 及第粥 from "Sheng Ji" (Yau Ma Tei)

We stayed at Cityview Hotel for our one week holiday in Hong Kong.  Our first meal was at this congee restaurant directly opposite our hotel.  Both of us ordered a "Small" bowl of Jidi congee.  Serving was indeed generous with pork meatballs, livers, intestines etc.  Each bowl costs only 20HKD. 

"Ji Di Zhou" in Chinese which means the Number One Scholar in ancient times. It is said in Ming Dynasty there was a poor bel-esprit who made a livelihood by selling vegetables. The boss of a congee restaurant cherished his talent, so he sent the bel-esprit a bowl of porridge every day by the name of buying vegetables. At last this bel-esprit became the Number One Scholar and became an officer. He could not forget the favor of the boss. So he went back to his hometown and wanted to have a bowl of congee again. The boss asked the chef to cook a bowl of congee with pork balls, sliced pig liver etc. After that the congee was named "Ji Di Zhou".
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