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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Tingkat Meals - 2nd to 5th Day Trial Period

Trial Period - Day 2
Sweet and Sour Pork
I personally don't really like the taste of their eggs... not sure what they had added here. 
Beancurd and Pig's stomach Soup
Trial Period - Day 3
Curry Chicken
Fried Fish Fingers
Chicken with Huai Shan Soup
Trial Period - Day 4
Steamed Prawns with Garlic
Beansprouts with beancurd
Fish cakes with sweet sauce
Fish ball with tomato soup
Trial Period - Day 5 (Last Day)
Western Chicken Drum Special
Ikan Billis with Beancurd Delight 
This dish was a bit too salty and we had to eat it together with more rice.  Didn't manage to finish up this one.
Mixed Cabbage Special
Peanut Soup
I love peanut soup!!  Although I hadn't fully recovered from my cough, I couldn't stop myself from eating the peanuts :P
We were rather satisfied with the 5-day trial.  After the 5-day trial, we "rested' for 1 day and decided to continue tingkat service with the Kim's Kitchen for another 20 days.  After a tired day of work, we didn't really need to worry about what to eat for dinner now and we get to have different dishes delivered to our doorstep everyday!
Note:  For the 5-day trial, we paid $42.50 including rice for 2 pax for every meal.

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