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Friday, July 9, 2010

My 1st cheque from Nuffnang!!!

Finally received my first cheque payout from Nuffnang!!  "Moolah has arrived!!" 
Oh well, not a lot of money but it has another meaning ie this blog does have many unique visitors from all over the world.  This definitely serve as a great motivator for me to keep this blog going!!
By the way, it took me 5 months to accumulate $50 and thus, this is no easy money.
Thanks Nuffnang!


Anonymous said...

Cool! Hope you get more and fatter checks. Wonder how much the owner of iEatiShootiPost earns? --J

Miso said...

Hi J,
Thanks! Hmm.. His blog already hit 10 million. It is no surprise that he should be earning a good sum of money from the blog but oh well, I think he deserves to be rewarded lah.. His blog is one of the earliest food blog that inspired me to start a blog and is also very informative. Learnt quite a lot from him. :)