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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

29 Jun (Tue): My hubby's Bday.... Too bad the wife does not know how to bake cake and have never attempted to bake a cake, so this year as usual, the husband will get a cake that the wife bought from the cake shop :P
Chocolate Addiction from Emicakes (Downtown East)
I love chocolate cake!!!
At least there is a birthday cake this year.  Last year, I substituted the cake with a box of durian puffs (also from Emicakes)... with candles on them so that he could make a wish and blew the candles too!
This year, he made a serious wish....
and here is us!  I ran a few rounds before I could take a decent photo of us together using self-timer.
On the following weekend, I also treated him to Dozo at River Valley Point.  Did I say my treat?  I suddenly remember that I had not paid him for the meal!  Hahahaha!
That will be my next post!


Anonymous said...

As people get older, they might prefer puffs than a big cake. Too much sweet is unhealthy. That's what my doctor told me. Reduce intake of fat, salt and sugar.

Next year, you can try baking a cupcake for him. hehe. --J

Miso said...

Haha.. Will take your suggestion, I will try to bake a cupcake next year for him :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, Francis birthday is coming soon again, so are you baking a cupcake?


Miso said...

Oops! You had just reminded me that I had made such a promise last year.