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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lantau Island - Day 2

Reached Tung Chung MTR at around 9.30am. Didn't have time for breakfast near my hotel area as I woke up a bit too late. Grabbed a butter bun from a bakery at the MTR and made my way to the cable car station. To my disappointment, weather was too windy and the cable cars were not operating. I was told that the cable cars will operate when the weather got better. Most of the shops at Citygate were not opened yet and I just walked around the shopping mall aimlessly. The shops opened at around 10.30am and of course, I went to Espirit. Scanned through the various tops that I wanted to buy, saw some that I liked but of course, I didn't buy anything from the shops yet. I didn't want to bring shopping bags to climb the stairs to Big Buddha. 11.30am, the weather didn't get any better and I made an impromptu decision to take a bus up to Tai-O. I had no idea how far it is from the town centre and what is there to see there. Without giving much thought, I took the bus 11, heading towards Tai-O.

Citygate is located just right in front of Tung Chung Station
My breakfast
Cable Car Station was temporarily closed due to bad weather.
I went to food republic at Citygate and found a seat with a view overlooking the cable car station.  Most of the stalls were not ready yet and I just ordered a cup of milk tea while waiting.
There were a good variety of different cuisine in the food court.  Hainanese Chicken Rice can be found here too!
After the trip from Tai-O, I came back to the town centre at 3.30pm. The cable cars were finally up and running. I quickly redemn my ticket and boarded the cable car. I could still feel the strong wind when I was in the cable car as the cable car was not enclosed totally. Could still hear the howling of the wind and the cable car also experienced slight oscillation. I am lying if I were to tell you that I was not scared. I didn't choose the crystal cabin which had a glass bottom, ie you can see through it. The ride took about 25 minutes which I found it rather long. The Buddha statue was covered with fog. On days when the sky is clear, you can actually see the buddha from the cable car.

Crystal Cabin - Bottom of the cabin is glass ie can see through!!

 It was so foggy that I couldn't see the Big Buddha right from the bottom of the stairs leading to it.
 This was the best shot I could get when the fog cleared for a very short while.

After spending half a day at Tai-O and here, I was totally famished and I had my dinner here.

 Chicken Chop Ramen. 
 Fried dumplings
 The food was good, especially the deep fried chicken chop.
 As I walked towards the exit, I turned back and I saw this beautiful frame of Buddha amongst the "lotus".  The fog had almost cleared but it was close to 6.30pm already and we got to take the cable car back.
 The famous dessert stall "Honeymoon Dessert" can be found here but by the time I went, many of their desserts were sold out already, including the durian/ banana pancake that I wanted.  Thus, I decided to give this a miss first as I knew I could find this in town.
 Bye Bye!  Lantau Island!!
Went back to Espirit at Citygate to shop and I managed to buy quite a number of items from here.
Went back to Jordan after shopping at Citygate.  Before going back to the hotel, I settled at this place
"Yee Shun Milk Company 港澳义顺牛奶公司" for supper!
Doubled steamed milk with red bean
A bowl of macaroni with ham 
 This marked the end of day 2 in Hong Kong.

Day 3 - Ocean Park


Selina said...


Shopping at Citygate, is it really that cheap?

Miso said...

The cheaper ones are not so up to date if you don't mind... For Espirt, you can find many cheap casual tops

Anonymous said...

hi, do u need pay any entrance fee to see e giant buddha beside e tram tix up?

Miso said...

No need. By the way, I bought the cable car tickets at the airport, slightly cheaper.

shalena said...

hi im planning to go lantau island too, but i'll be staying at disney land fisrt and will continued my journey to here to the big buddha. is there any bus/train from disneyland to the big buddha


Miso said...

Both places are in Tung Chung area. From Disneyland MTR, take to Tung Chung MTR then take cable car to Big Buddha.

flights from Singapore to Hong Kong said...

Nice photos. I wonder how much the cable ride costs? because in Singapore it costs S$29 roundtrip for adults

Miso said...

I think also around $25+. They crystal cabins will be more expensive.