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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tai-O, Hong Kong - Day 2

I had planned to travel to Lantau Island on Day 2 to see the Big Buddha.  When I reached Tung Chung MTR station at around 10am, it was really very windy.  I headed for the cable car station and the staff told me that the cable cars were not in operation as the weather was bad.  They would only operate only when the weather got better,  possibly in the afternoon.  With disappointment, I went back to Citygate to do a bit of window shopping.  Many shops were not opened yet until 10.30am.  I went Espirit and saw many tops that I liked.  As it was not advisable to bring my shopping bags to go Lantau Island, I didn't buy anything from Citygate in the morning.  After a bit of shopping, I went to Food Republic for a cuppa and at the same time, looked through the window to see whether the cable cars were in operation.  Near noon, the weather was still very windy and I decided not to waste time, made an impromptu decision to take a bus up to Tai-O.  To go Tai-O, the bus got to travel through mountainous route and it took near 1 hour to reach Tai-O village.  I didn't know the journey was so long and tedious, and I kept wondering whether I had made the wrong decision..... So how was my little adventure?

Bus 11 to Tai-O
Reached Tai-O
Many colour flags as they were preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival for the following day.
Dried sea products in almost every stalls
This stall still invited people to take photos.
So cute!
Stumbled upon this stall that looked quite interesting... Beancurd in wooden tub
Decided to give it a try and it was really good!  Yummy!  I should have ordered the eggs too!
Dragon boats!  I should have come 1 day later to catch the spectacular dragon boat race!
Scenery on the way back
Reached Tung Chung at around 3pm and the cable cars were finally operating!
Next post will be my visit to the Big Buddha at Lantau!


jhueng said...

Cool! I love HK and especially Tai O. Other than the HSBC building, I really felt like I had gone back to 1900's. Next time, you can try to take the ferry from Central to Mui Wo and then take the bus to Tai O. The rides will be more relaxing. --J

Miso said...

Heard abt Mui Wo too... Hope will have a chance to visit Mui Wo and also Changzhou (esp during their bun festival)

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^

Anonymous said...

Hi Miso,
I'm going to HK coming Nov.Do you know when is the last bus from Tai-O back to Tung Chung?

I plan to take cable car to Big Buddha,then from there take bus to Tai-O and lastly back to Tung Chung's Citygate.

Miso said...

I am not sure but maybe you can check out the timing for Tai-O at the bus terminal near the cable car station before yr ride?

Gladys said...

Chance upon your post on Tai O as i was browsing thru the web while missing my holiday times. Looking at your pictures brings back memories when i was there in Nove last year!

I believe the cable car up to the Big Buddha will be great experience for you too as it is for me. =)