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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ocean Park - HK Day 3

16 Jun 2010 (Wed):  This was my third day in Hong Kong.  The first two days were quite fun and I was looking forward to the rest of my trip.  I had bought a discounted ticket for Ocean Park at the airport.  It cost only HK 215.  Original price is HK 250.  Decided to go to Australian Dairy Company to try their famous scrambled egg sandwich breakfast set but alas, it was closed on that day.  Not too sure whether it was because that day was also the Dragon Boat Festival.
I walked to "Cafe De Coral" for breakfast instead.  This is a "fast-food" joint in Hong Kong and you can find it in many places.  Not difficult to miss because of the yellow signboard.  If I translate the Chinese name of the restaurant, it will be "Everybody Happy".  Haha... So it has a different meaning from Cafe De Coral.
To go to Ocean Park, I took MTR to Admiralty Station.
I exchanged my ticket that I got from the airport for the real admission ticket at the counter.
Have not seen such a long queue at MacDonald's since Hello Kitty times...
Thought this one looked a bit more promising but....
it was an awful pizza.  So little fillings, worst than the bread that I always buy from the bakery shop.  Think it was quite expensive too, around HK 25.
Second consecutive day taking the cable car.....

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