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Friday, September 7, 2012

Domino's Pizza whips up a new SWEET surprise!

  I attended Domino's Pizza food-tasting session at its branch in Kovan with 12 other omy bloggers.  Initially, I thought we would just get to try their desserts for the session, I was pleasantly surprised that we were all served with all their signature pizzas as well.  I learnt more about their services and the varieties of pizzas served through this event.

Right from the start, we were spoilt with all the yummy snacks and pizzas from Domino's.  
Golden Roasted Drumlets (6 pieces)
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings 
Crazy Chicken Crunchies with tom yam sauce

 Twisty Bread
***** WARNING!!!! *****  
Scroll down at your own risk.  
Photos below will definitely set you hungry........... 
First pizza to arrive at our table was the all-time favourite "Hawaiian Ultimate (NEW)", made of loads of delicious Roasted Chicken, Shredded Chicken, Juicy Pineapples and Fresh Mushrooms on their brand new pizza sauce  Classic Hand Tossed pizza crust.  Good combination of the chicken meat and pineapple so that you won't be overwhelmed by all the meat.  This used to be my top-favourite, but after trying the different varieties of pizzas at the food-tasting session, another type of pizza has truly "wowed" me over.  Which is it?  Read on to find out more ........

For the meat-lovers, this is "Meatasaurus (NEW)" - loaded with generous portion of beef pepperoni, ground beef and fresh mushroom.

 I saw this pretty cross-patterned pizza at the next table and I went over to check it out.  This is 
"The Big BBQ" pizza, made of smoked chicken breast, onion and green peppers.

 Classified Chicken - Smoked Chicken Breast, Onions and Mushrooms

Chilli Chicken - Smoked Chicken Breast, Onions, Red Peppers and Chilli Flakes.  

 Chicken Temptation - Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Ham, Green Peppers and Red Peppers which make the pizza so colourful and appetizing...

 Linda (Marketing manager of Domino's Pizza Singapore & Malaysia) brought in a nice-looking pizza that caught my attention.  You can see from the photo that William seemed to be curious about the pizza Linda was holding too!
 Introducing Prawn Sensation (New), this is the pizza that had "wowed" me over.  Made of Succulent Prawns, marinated in Italian herbs & spices, imported Belgian Spinach, Juicy Cherry Tomatoes and Onions!!    Look at the generous serving of prawns!  
Die-Die Must Try!
This is the "Cheese Burst Crust" - Two crunch thin crust with a layer of creamy cheddar cheese sauce in between.  The thin crust looks somewhat like a thin piece of prata.
 As we were all busy feasting on the pizzas, Linda demonstrated to us how easy it was to use the Domino's phone app to order a delivery.

You can download the app by searching "Domino's sg"
The GPS Tracker is embedded in this app too!
Credit:  Picture from

 Finally, I was ready to open up this box of surprise.  Domino's chocolate lava cake has already set a very high bench mark.  Will this new dessert be able to win us over?
 This is the new Caramel Sticky Dessert, made with finely chopped dates and boasts a chewy crunchy caramel outer crust.  Smothered with sweet caramel sauce, each Caramel Sticky Dessert features a soft, light and moist centre.  As I was typing this, I really wish I can have another round of this dessert right now!  It seriously didn't disappoint, and is really comparable to the lava cake.  

For your information, Domino's latest meal set, Sweet Indulgence Meal, includes one regular pizza of your choice, a Caramel Sticky Dessert and Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, priced at $25 only (Savings of $9.40).

For those who can't get enough of pizza and would like to add on to their order with an extra dessert, there is the Happiness Add-on Bonus, with one regular pizza of your choice, one Caramel Stick Dessert or Chocolate Lava Cake for $18 (Savings of $11.60) with a minimum personal pizza purchase.  

The Caramel Sticky Dessert is also available for an add-on price of $3.80 with a minimum personal pizza purchase, or a-la-carte for $6.80.

Also to note, Domino's new Caramel Sticky Dessert is currrently available at all Domino's stores throughout Singapore for a limited time only.  You can call Domino's at 6222-6333 ,log on to the website at or use the domino's sg app to place your orders!  
Before I finished my dessert, the "delivery man" arrived with Linda's order!  Very fast and efficient service!
 Congratulation to William who had won himself $1000 for the Domino's Inter-Blogger Competition.  He had followed Domino's event very closely and his blog posts on Domino had helped Domino to generate revenue too!  
 A group photo of everyone at the event. :)
 Yay... I got a voucher that entitled for one large pizza take-away.  I had already made up my mind which pizza to order.  :)  

By now, do you feel hungry for Domino's pizza and sweet treats?  
At least 4 reasons why you should order from Domino's:

1)  30-minute delivery guarantee and 15-minute takeout guarantee  (sounds great right?)
2)  Product Satisfaction guarantee
3)  Free-delivery
4)  Nett Pricing

Thanks Janet from omy and Linda & Team (Domino's Pizza) for the invite and the great hospitality extended to us.  

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I like domino's pizza too. Looks there there are 2 new items, the caramel and also Prawn Sensation!