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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Simple Meal at Sakae Sushi @ White Sands

These are some of the favourite items that we will order when we are at Sakae Sushi.
Sakae Chawanmushi
Tamago Sushi
California Sushi
Salmon Sushi
Fried Tofu
Fried Maki


Diana said...

I feel that the fried sushi (not very sure what is it called.) at sakae is not as nice as the ones i ate at nihon mura.

Maybe you can try it out one day! =) utimately, it's still personal preference.

Miso said...

Hi Diana,

I had also tried the sushi at Nihon Mura. If I am not wrong, at Nihon Mura, their buffet is rather value for money but their ala-carte dishes are more expensive.

Fried Maki is my favourite sushi with fried item at Sakae sushi.

Anonymous said...


I have tried the fried maki at sakae sushi whitesand. it is very tasty and alot of mix ingredient inside it that blends the delicious taste in every bite.

Miso said...

Fried maki is one of my favourite items that I will always order without fail when I am at Sakae :)