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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Batam Trip Part II: Massage at H Spa and Dinner at Delima

We had pre-booked our 1 hour Indonesia massage at H-Spa (Inclusive in the package).  At 5pm when we reached the place, there was another big group of around 8 people before us.  They were talking rather loudly and I found that rather irritating.  We waited for quite a while before that group had settled and we gave the counter staff our voucher.  The two masseurs brought us to our room which looked rather rundown.  We passed by many "huts" with bamboo blinds, also used for massage but ours was a proper room with concrete walls and door.
We were not told to shower first before the massage treatment which I thought we should, before massage and there was no shower facilities in the room.  I would very much prefer our massage session at Holiday Inn.  However, the most memorable one for us was at Mayang Sari, Bintan where we had a 3-hour couple spa.
The bowling alley is here as well.  There is also a Korean restaurant "Arirang".
After the massage session, we walked around Harris resort, including the beach which was rather dirty.

For dinner, we took a 10 minutes walk to Delima Seafood restaurant. I got to know of this place through a forum and this was the second time we were here.  The other time, we walked from Holiday Inn.

Fried Rice
Cai Xin
Cereal Prawns
Black Pepper Crab
Meal for 2 cost $30.  We walked back to Harris after dinner.


bookjunkie said...

the fried rice looks enticing :)

Miso said...

The food at this restaurant is not bad and the price is quite reasonable. :)

Anonymous said...


for the massage,

is it with friends or we can do individual ? thanks

Miso said...

You can choose from the different types of package that they offer. Individual or Couple

Miso said...

Depends on the types of package that you sign up.