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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2D1N Batam Trip (from - Part I: Batam MegaMall

I had bought this 2D1N package from
Initially, I wanted to go for the trip during the December holidays when I was more free. However, due to overwhelming demand (1645 sold), all the weekends during Dec were fully booked.

For $170, the deal includes the following :
- 1 night stay at Harris Batam Resort for 2 persons.
- 1 buffet breakfast for 2 persons
- 1 hour Indonesia traditional massage for 2 persons
- 1 free shuttle to Nagoya Hill shopping mall (based on fixed schedule and first come first serve)
- 1 Free wooden pan Pizza
- 1 Free 1 game of bowling for 2 adults only (exclude shoe rental)
- 2 way ferry tickets for 2 person - Sin-WFC-Sin
- 2 way hotel pick-up from Waterfront ferry (WFC) terminal - hotel - WFC
- Welcome drink upon arrival
- FREE wi-fi internet connection
Excludes passenger's departure fee of S$6 p/p and fuel surcharge of S$14/- totalling to S$20 p/p. Payable upon to ferry operator upon collection of boarding pass. Batam terminal fee of $7/- payable upon departure from Batam ferry terminal

We reached the HarbourFront counter at around 8.45am.  We queued at the "Advance Booking" queue and we got our tickets at around 9am.  We thought of going for a nice breakfast at MacDonalds as we thought we were still early.  However, the service staff advised us we to check in immediately as the ferry was full.
We decided to have a quick breakfast at this cafe.  Ordered the $2 breakfast each.
My Boarding Pass
The eggs were inside the metal tin.
We got to cover it for about 10 minutes so that they would be cooked.

 Cracked the egg and then realized it was still quite raw... Dare not eat this and we got to discard it away :(

 Reached Harris, Batam
Their mascot is this Dino and they were doing some dance to welcome the newly arrived guests.  :)  We were served with a wet towel, a glass of sweet drink and cookies too!  Nice gesture!
Dino was very hot.  Haha...
Checked into our room.  This is at the old wing, 4th level.

 As we missed the free shuttle to Nagoya, we took a cab from Harris to Batam Megamall.  Cost $15 one way.  The journey takes about 25 minutes.  We had our lunch at this Bakso restaurant.  What do you think I would want to order at Bakso?  Of course, it would be Bakso (Meat ball) right?  However, all the bakso dishes were not available.  :(
Sweet and Sour Fried Cuttlefish
Fried Prawn Fritters (Not nice, too much flour)

Avocado Drink
After lunch, we went to the Polo Ralph Lauren shop. However, it was not really a fruitful trip to the Polo Ralph shop as we didn't like their new designs, so we left empty-handed. We went back MegaMall for shopping, bought some stuff like body scrub, beer from the Hypermart.

 We had A&W rootbeer float and some chicken wings before we took the cab back to Harris for our massage session.


Anonymous said...

Nice! On my last trip, a friend suggested going to Batam, but I declined after reading about Batam being a dangerous place. Is it a dangerous place to visit?

I would love to visit if I come back to SG again.

Btw, the new template is simple and clean. In addition, it's easy on the eyes.


Anonymous said...

Was it fun? I've always wanted to go. $15 for a cab ride sound ex...

Miso said...

--J: Hi, I had been to Batam for 5 times already. So far I think it is pretty safe :)

Thanks for the feedback. :D

365days2play: I prefer Holiday Inn for a good massage. Harris mostly youngsters but it is much cheaper. Yup.. The cab ride is rather ex but like no choice. Unless, want to stay in hotel to rot. Haha...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Good to know Batam is a safe place to visit. Will go there next time.

I just got the book by the guy that owns iEatiShootiPost. If you have a book in the future, I'll buy it too. lol


Miso said...

Hi j,

How is the book? I might buy it soon.

Thanks for the compliments, I'm really flattered. Don't think I will have a book... Haha... Being able to blog of my life and using blog as a form of sharing is good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I will be staying in de same resort. can u check with u wat time is de the free shuttle to Nagoya... I do not wan to miss it too.

Miso said...

Hi Coco,

If I remember correctly, they only have 2 timing ie 10.45am and 2.30pm. But you may email them to confirm.

FoodieFC said...


can I check where is the A&W located? Is it at Mega Mall?

Miso said...

Yes. A&W is located in the Mega Mall, near the entrance.