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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ichiban Sushi @ IMM after a Visit to Singapore Science Centre

 Hubby brought me to his company's "Family Day" at the Singapore Science Centre.  Initially, we thought we were going for the CSI exhibition and thus, I happily agreed.  However, when we reached there, then we realized that we were going to visit just the normal Science Centre exhibition, not the CSI.  We may have to visit the CSI exhibition on our own some other time soon before it ended in February.
 Within the 2 hours given, we explored most of the sections in the Science Centre.

 After the visit to the Science Centre, both of us proceeded to IMM for lunch.  We decided to have Japanese food at the family restaurant "Ichiban Sushi".  First, we took some sushi plates from the conveyor belt as we were famished.  Then, we ordered some ala-carte such as Chawamushi and salmon head soup to share.

 The salmon was really meaty and fresh.  Both of us liked this dish a lot.
 Craving for some soba, I ordered a bowl of mini-soba and it was nice! :D
This was quite a satisfying meal within our expectation, given that the meal cost not more than $30 after discount.  After that, I went to "The Face Shop" to shop for some gifts for my mum.

Guess what I bought for my mum?

 Kim Hyun Joong Tumbler!!!
 No lah... I didn't buy the above.  It was given free with my purchases below from The Face Shop. 
 The Face Shop's Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask and Collagen Cream
Ichiban Sushi
IMM Building #02-26
2 Jurong East Street 21
Tel: 6896 3253
Daily: 11.30am -10.00pm


bookjunkie said...

that first picture is sooo did they do that???

Miso said...

Haha... Actually the bottom part is Mirror