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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Batam Trip Part III: Breakfast at Harris and Parasailing!!!

On the second day, we had the complimentary breakfast at Harris Cafe.
I had 2 servings of food.  This was my first plate, sausage omelette and pancake with maple syrup and a bit of nutella.
My second plate - Some fried noodles, baked beans, mutton and chicken sausage.

After breakfast, we went to check out the watersports. 
We decided to try out parasailing.

Opening the colourful parachute.
My turn to fly up first...

Francis' turn :D
View from our hotel room
Before departing to the ferry terminal at 1pm, we went back to Harris Cafe to claim our complimentary pizza!  Yeh!  Save money.  Wanted to have the pizza for supper the night before, but we were too full and tired and thus, we didn't order it.  Thus, we had the pizza for lunch!
  We bought half a kg of Harris home-made cookies before leaving.
 At the ferry terminal.  More shopping here.  We bought a box of Kueh Lapis with Prunes from this shop.
 I got a T-shirt from this Polo shop as it was having 50% discount.
We took the 2.30pm ferry back to Singapore. *Home Sweet Home*


Eileen. 静 said... Harris is near the beach? I stayed at holiday inn but no beach ahaha.. how do u find the room at harris?

Miso said...

The beach is very dirty, not those beach with nice and fine sand. The room is clean with basic facilities but of course when compared to Holiday Inn, the latter is much better!

lesnor123 said...

Wonderful! You had an exciting time! We are adventure lovers too and did all the daredevil stuff, relaxed at our Batam hotel and ate all the seafood that we could!