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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kungfu Paradise @ Bedok Point

Met up with my usual gang at the newly opened Bedok Point.  Feeling rather nostalgic when I came back to this area as I used to frequent this area when I was young.  I stayed in Bedok for about six years before moving over to Tampines when I was in Primary two.  My secondary school close friends all used to stay in Bedok too.
All these years, this group of friends will use birthdays as an excuse to meet up.  However, as we grow older, we no longer give one another prezzies or buy the birthday gal a birthday cake.  Most importantly, we make an attempt to meet up with one another to catch up and are able to maintain our friendship from secondary school till now.  Our first meet-up of the year was arranged at Bedok Point to make it convenient for everybody, especially for SL, who had just promoted to become a mommy and now staying with her parents' place in Bedok Central.

We decided to try out a new restaurant "Kungfu Paradises" which is also under the umbrella of the Paradise Group.  They offer an extensive array of menu from Chinese Zi Char to Western Steak.  It is something similar to Hong Kong Style Cafe concept as well, with items like Dim Sum/ Nissin instant noodles, peanut toast.  

LJ ordered their seafood hor fun.  The picture in the menu looked better than the actual dish, with lots of eggs.  LJ commented that it was not bad.
I ordered chicken cutlet (fried with breadcrumbs) baked rice in tomato sauce.  The fried chicken cutlet was good but too bad, it was very very salty.
The rest of them all ordered the same dish - Braised Beef Noodles which was served in a huge bowl.  Other than the big bowl, I think it doesn't really look impressive. 
Joyce's son, Enrui had a plate of pasta all by himself.  However, we realized that he only ate the spaghetti and not the chicken meat.  Going vegetarian?
Basically, Bedok Point is like a food mall, with many familiar restaurants like Sushi Tei, Mahatten Fish Market, Popeyes, Pasta Mania etc.  Gong Cha can be found here too but there was no queue when we were there. 

The Bedok Food Centre is within walking distance.  We also ta-bao the famous chwee kueh at the food centre before going back home.  I do miss the hawker food here!


Anonymous said...

I tried Kungfu Paradise the other day too. It was not bad. I like their salted custard buns! It's the Ooooozy type, just the way I love them!

Tampines is more interesting....would love to move there too if not for the distance!

Miso said...

I stayed very near to Century Sq n Tampines Mall before moving over to Pasir Ris. Haha... I am a true Easterner of S'pore.