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Monday, January 3, 2011

Off to Bugis on New Year Day... to get iPhone 4

 While hubby was queueing at M1, I went to get some vanilla cream puffs from Beard Papa Sweets.

 Japanese Sweets Buffet... I have not tried this yet, not too sure whether it is good.  I had received an invitation from them for food tasting but too bad my schedule didn't allow me to attend.
 Our dinner at "The Soup Spoon" after getting my new iPhone!  :D
Clam Chowder Soup
 Mushroom Soup
 Total cost about $16 for the 2 large bowls of soup.
At Bugis Street, we came across something special...
Dragon Ball Milk Tea
Every different coloured pearl has a different flavour such as pumpkin, yam, apple etc.  We found it interesting and ordered the dragon ball milk tea ($2.50).
 The pearls were of different colours but to me, they seemed to taste all the same in this milk tea.
 The illuma "Link Bridge"


Anonymous said...

You didn't queue hours for the iphone? lol. Couple of my friends in SG waited in line for 6 hours for it. That's crazy!

Personally, I prefer my Android phone over the iphone.


Miso said...

--J: I am not that crazy over Iphone. Haha.. Definitely won't queue for hours to get it. I got mine within an hour at the M1 shop.