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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Steamboat King (

 During rainy and cooling weather, most of us would crave for steamy hot food such as steamboat.  However, we might not have the necessary ingredients such as shabu shabu meat in our fridge and we also might not have enough time to prepare the broth.  It is probably too much of a hassle to prepare.  Now, with steamboat delivery services available, you have another option to have steamboat at home without having to do the preparation on our own!  Do check out "Best 8 Steamboat Delivery in Singapore" from "Best In Singapore" for some good steamboat delivery recommendation!

I decided to order from "Steamboat King", their super value set meal (for 3-4 pax) for a Friday dinner.  You can place order in advance or you can order it when you have a sudden craving for steamboat as delivery can be done within 1 hour.  Recently, I think they had revamped their menu and it is now much cheaper than before.  It now cost around $16 per pax.  Do check out their different bundle sets.  

You can see from the photo below that all the items were nicely packed and even the different sauces were packed in little containers.

We had a choice of two types of broth.  I decided to top up an extra $5 for the 1.5L Premium Collagen Soup (for the reason that collagen is known to be good for our complexion and I also don't know how to make this soup at home).  My second choice of soup base was their Sichuan Mala Soup (Also 1.5L but it came in 2 packaging).  We just need to pour the broth into the hotpot stove, very convenient and it also helped to prevent spillage.

With every bundle purchased, you are entitled to get a complimentary portable stove set (14cm + fuel).  For us, we were able to get two free stove set as our purchase was more than $50.
Update:  I look through their website recently and realised that they had drastically lowered the price of the bundle set and the stove sets were not free anymore.  There were also better types of stove sets available for purchase.  Please take note!

A clear instruction sheet was found in the package to explain step-by-step how to light up the portable stove fuel.

We decided to try out the free stove sets.  However, the broth took a very very long time to boil.  The fuel gel also didn't manage to last through our whole steamboat session.  Probably there were others who had feedback to them about this issues and that is why they don't offer this set for free anymore.

The spread of food was good, from veggies to all the quality meat/ fish slices.  In my super value bundle set, we got the following:

Toman Fish Slice (200g)

Chicken Breast Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Belly Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Collar Shabu (200g)

Vegetables and Mushrooms:
Chinese Long Cabbage (200g)
Shanghai Green (200g)
Enoki Mushroom (100g)

 Beancurd/ Tofu/ Sausages
Fried Beancurd Skin Roll (8 Pieces)
Egg Tofu (100g)
Chicken Sausage (200g)

Superior Fish Paste (150g)

Noodles / Rice:
Japanese Steamed Rice (3 servings)
Korean Noodles (1 serving)

3 Dipping Sauces:
Goma Shoyu (60ml) x 2
Steamboat Homemade Sambal Chilli (60ml) x 2
Thai Chilli Sauce (60ml) x 2

Free Ayataka Green Tea (1.5L) and Watermelon Slices (4 pax)

I had an add-on for this Hokkaido Snow Pork Shabu for $4.90 and they were definitely very value-for-money.  The quality was good and they were the melt-in-the mouth type.

We also added goji berries and red dates that they provided into the soup to further enhance the taste.
Bon Appetit!

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