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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dim Sum Buffet @ Jade 玉楼, The Fullerton Hotel

My Multiply friend, Hazel had helped to coordinate this makan session on our Multiply facebook group.  This was the second time I met Hazel and her son, Warren in person.  The first time was at Warren's first year birthday party at their home.  For this session, I also met 2 new friends, Connie and her hubby.  We had dim sum buffet from 1.45pm to 3.30pm (second seating).  The buffet cost $33++ each pax.
Happy to know that I am not the only one who loves to take photos of food :)  I sat close to Pauline and Sam, and every dish that was served must come to us for photoshoot first before going round the table.  Haha...

We were slightly early and had to wait exactly 1.45pm before we could enter the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant
Table setting
Each of us was entitled to one serving of the soup.  They used to have shark fin's soup but I believe they had revamped the menu.  I had the seafood soup instead,
These pear-shaped dim sums were actually cheese dumplings.

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
I found the skin of the dumpling a bit too thick.
Deep fried yam dumpling
with truffle inside?

The Xiao Long Bao was just those normal ones, without the foie gras.  The mini-abalone siew mai was also replaced with crab roes siew mai.  *Disappointed*
The following 2 items had my vote.  The mini egg tarts and the BBQ pork pastries.

Deep-fried Prawns Coated with Wasabi Mayo
Warning!  Do not put the whole prawn into your mouth, think they put a lot of wasabi to go with it!
Roasted pork
Steamed Chicken Feet with Oyster Sauce
Pan-Fried Shrimp Bean Curd Roll

Braised Pork Knuckle

Pan-fried Minced Pork and Chives “Guo Tie Dumpling”
My friend, Sam said even you didn't want to eat this, you also had to order it for photoshoot.  Indeed, this dish was visually pleasing, adopting the "sail" shape.

Custard Buns.  I didn't try this as they didn't look really appealing.
Crispy Honey Vinaigrette Sliced Sea Bass
This was very appetizing but too bad, it came a bit too late as they had forgotten my order.

Hor Fun
Pan-fried carrot cake.  I was too full to try this out.
Group photo

After the heavy meal, I took a walk to the Esplanade, and to the Raffles City before heading home.

I guess the buffet was more worthwhile before the menu was revamped, with shark's fins, fois gras, mini-abalone etc.  Anyway, thanks Hazel for coordinating this makan session.  It was good to have a good feast with everyone.  
Jade Restaurant
1 Fullerton Square
Ground Floor, Fullerton Hotel
Singapore 049178

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet,
11.30am till 1.15pm and 1.45pm till 3.30pm ($33.00++ per person)


FoodieFC said...


How much did the buffet cost? was the food good such that it is value for money?

Miso said...

Hi FoodieFC,

The buffet cost $33++. Not everything was good but you have around 50 choices to choose from. Good to go with a big grp of friends so can try more items. :)