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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Luo Chun Ge 箩春阁 @ Tampines One

After our lunch at Jin Long, we went to Tampines One with cousin Krystal and her mum.  Krystal is normally quite fussy about food but she recommended us these pan-fried Shanghainese buns 生煎包 at Tampines One, located right at the end of the escalator from first level (Outside Tampines MRT) to the basement.  If you buy 3 in a pack, it will cost $2.70 and if you buy in 5 in a pack, it cost $3.90.  I bought 5 to share amongst 4 of us.  These are like the bigger version of "Xiao Long Bao" with pork fillings inside.  They were really very tasty.  I think next time I can have 3 buns for myself.  :P  However, my aunt told us that the last time she ate these, there was a lot of juice inside the buns as well.

My cousin, Krystal
I found out from their website, the correct way to enjoy these pan-fried buns is very similar to that of "Xiao Long Bao".

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